Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ronnie Duncan Gone

Wasn't the problem with Duncan was that he was too much like Mason? That Cavs fans didn't want some dude yelling the entire game? Just say who scores the baskets.

And I know Gilbert thinks by emulating the Pistons he's doing something right, but it's one thing to emulate how Joe Dumars builds a team and how the franchise is run, it's another to try to copy everything the Pistons do.

Personally, I think that the Cavs are too focused on the "Game Day Experience"- the dance teams, the mascot (I HATE Moondog), the music, the pyrotechnics. How many people do you hear talking about the Bulls cheerleaders from the 90s? Anyone?

If the team wins then fans will have a great "Game Day Experience". Focus more on getting a point guard who can shoot AND play defense instead of what kind of fireworks to show at the game.

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