Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fantasy Football Extravaganza

Alright, we just completed our draft (I briefly thought about live blogging the goodness, but it went by too fast) and I am pretty happy with my team. The one problem is, I have a lot of players who are good, but I hate. Let's review the Cuddly Muffin's (did you see the Shatner roast?) roster, shall we?
Tom Brady
Dante Culpepper

Corey Dillon
Thomas Jones
DeAngelo Williams
Laurence Maroney
Jerome Harrison

Chad Johnson
Laveranues Coles
David Givens
Ashlie Lelie
Dante Hall

Antonio Gates
Jerramy Stevens

Josh Brown
Jeff Reed

Tampa Bay

Defensive Players
Simeon Rice
Michael Strahan
Ed Reed
Quentin Jammer

I like my team a lot. I got some running backs later on (Williams, Maroney and Harrison) who could produce (Harrison was my last pick). I love and hate my quarterbacks. Both Brady and Culpepper could net me some points, but I hate both of them with a passion. I hate Culpepper's little dance and I hate the fact that no one mentions that Culpepper may not be that good without Randy Moss (looks at what Moss/Denny Green did for QBs in Minn. I mean seriously, they made everyone look good. I'm not saying that Culpepper is on the same level as Brad Johnson and an old Randal Cunningham, but could someone have mentioned last year that Randy Moss makes life a bit easier on QBs?).

And Tom Brady, ya he's good, but I hate the dude. Patriots, a Boston team? Michigan QB? A team full of "football players" who "just play football"? I hate that fucker. Plus I got the Patriots running game AND a former Patriot at WR (Givens). This just in, I hate the Patriots.

And Chad Johnson? He plays for the Bengals, enough said. My defenses should be not bad (I'm not expecting great things, just not awfulness). My kickers should get a lot of scoring chances and my defense is made up of players who should create some plays (what more can you ask for?).

Finally, for any reader(s) out there, I started a Pick 'Em League and Survival Football League on Yahoo!, so if you want to compete (assuming we actually remember to pick this time) against my college (OSU) buddies the info is as follows:

Yahoo! Survival
league ID #: 9999
password: firefight

Yahoo! Pro Pick 'Em
league ID # 33892
password: hammertime

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