Thursday, August 24, 2006

World Basketball Prospects

I've seen every game (except one, Slovenia- damn you Tivo!) that the US has played so far. And while the team has looked pretty good, there have been a few non-US players that have caught my eye.

I'm with Windhorst on this one, I like the kid from China, Yi Jianlian. He's a young forward/guard type player, who is quick and big. He is physically gifted, though I suspect he's part Dominican. The reason? China says Yi is in his 20s. Wait, no 19. Hold on... no 17. Either way, he looks like he belongs out there with the NBA athletes; all the age does is down grade him from 'awesome NBA prospect' to 'really good NBA prospect'.

The other player that stood out to me was Marco Belinelli of, you guessed it, Italy. He is tall and athletic as well. But whenever the US team seemed get a big lead or a little to comfortable, Belinelli seemed to get Italy right back into it. Belinelli is only 20 and if he's not draining 3's for some NBA team in a couple years, I'll be shocked.

I've only seen the US games, so there's a ton of international talent I haven't gotten to see. Fortunatly, others have.

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