Sunday, August 27, 2006

Reasons 9,235 and 9,236 why LeBron can't wait to leave for NYC

the best way to get a LeBron quote? Go through the Akron Beacon Journal (hat tip to Sepe):

I have a tip, however, for any of you journalists here looking for a LeBron James quote: Get there early and find Windhorst. Here's why. Most players from each team will talk -- either on their way to the locker room or a few minutes after they have a chance to grab a bag of ice and a dry shirt. Those players that do talk usually walk out, pick a random spot and stick around for a few minutes. But one thing I've noticed consistently since day one in Sapporo is that LeBron makes a beeline for his local sportswriter -- almost always answering every question Windhorst can throw his way
LeBron hates Akron so much, he has a '330' (hey! that's my area code too!) tatoo on his arm:
James has two new tattoos he is sporting at the worlds. On his right calf is the word ``Witness,'' a reference to the highly successful Nike campaign during the playoffs. Also, on his right arm, below his elbow, is a large ``330,'' a reference to his hometown, with four stars around it. It is popular for NBA players to get tattoos referring to their telephone area code.

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