Wednesday, August 30, 2006

College Football is better than the NFL?

Now look, I love my Buckeyes, but I hear this every year, "College Football is better than NFL Football". Really? I cannot satand bowl season, "hey, 50 games that don't mean anything!" With college basketball's postseason it's "Win or go home" With college football's postseason it's "Win or lose, go home. And we're playing for 13th place". Not me. Let's hear Stewart Mandel's list:

1) Fight songs performed by actual, live bands and written prior to 2003.

Cool I guess, but that makes the NFL worse?

2) Tailgating at The Grove rather than some municipal parking lot.

3) Cheerleaders without silicone.

Really, this counts as a reason the college game is better than the NFL?

4) Stadiums without retractable roofs.

who cares?

5) Players who actually make mistakes sometimes.

Two words: Aaron Brooks. Two more: Bret Favre Two more? Ross Verba. Fine, final three: Jake the Snake. Bonus two words: Jeff George
6) Star players who actually care about practices.
Says who? Does this not account for the guys who blow off class?

7) Coaches who actually talk about things other than safety blitzes from time to time.

Again, huh? Bill Parcels talked about the Cuban Missle Crisis.

8) Coaches who go for it on fourth-and-2.

Marty Morningweg and "We'll take the wind" Also, Mike Martz.

9) Rivals that only play each other once a year.

I guess. I mean, the Browns play the Steelers once in Cleveland, once in Pittsburgh. This is bad? Each city gets the game once a year?

10) Teams that still run the option.

The option sucks.

11) Mobile quarterbacks who are actually allowed to run.

Yea, I hate the fact that the NFL is full of good athletes too.

12) Walk-ons.


13) Students who dress up to go to the games.

Agreed, if only Browns Fans dressed up.

14) Students who can roll out of bed and walk to the stadium.

15) Games with national-title implications in September.


16) Games with national-title implications in October.


17) Bear Bryant barking from a JumboTron seconds before Alabama takes the field.

18) A Seminole on a horse riding to midfield and throwing a flaming spear.

Ahhh, racism

19) The Vol Walk, The Tiger Walk, the Dawg Walk, et al.

20) Every other tradition at every other school I haven't already mentioned.

I see some of the points, but really? Fight songs? Walk ons? And nice ending "Every other tradition at every other school I haven't already mentioned".

Ben's reasons why the NFL is better:
1) no BCS
2) no polls
3) hey, a playoff system
4) you can lose a game and still do okay
5) instant replay
6) John Madden
7) no BCS
8) no BCS
9) no BCS
10) no BCS


cactus chris said...

outside of the bcs argument, i do believe that college football is as good, if not better than the nfl. I think this, not because of what stewart "i wish i was as cool as my brother howie" mandel, but i have my own reasons, which would require a lot of explanation.

Ben said...

I'm not saying college sucks, and I understand people why people like it. But I think the NFL is the tops right now and this is coming from a die hard NBA fan. I dunno, especially with fantasy football now, I find myself watching/caring about more NFL games.

I can watch most random Sunday or Monday night NFL games, I have a harder time watching a random Saturday night college game.