Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cavs-Wizards Prediction

The Cavaliers are going to win this series. This is pretty much a given. The Wizards are without Caron Butler and Gilbert Arena, so this isn't exactly the rematch of last season's first round.

So that leaves the predictions boiled down to how many games it will take the Cavs to end it.

If I hadn't watched the Cavs all season, I'd be tempted to call for the sweep and just be done with it. The Cavs are the better team, Washington is depleted and the Cavs have that LeBron character.

But I have watched them all season and like Erik said, they have a tendency to overlook bad teams. They've lost a number of games this year that they had no business of losing.

So my questions are: Will the Wizards steal a game? Will the Cavaliers give a game away? Or Both?

Any of these scenarios are likely. It's not hard to imagine the 'Zard (I hate that nickname) coming out and playing a strong game 3 back in their building (game they steal). And it also isn't hard to imagine the Cavs grabbing a 3-1 or 2-1 (or 3-0) series lead, lose a bit of focus and shoot jump shots for 40 minutes straight (game that the Cavs give away).

But this all comes down to how motivated the Cavaliers (and LeBron) play. If LBJ plays the way he did in his last game versus Chicago (or the 2nd half against New Jersey), the Wizards are done in four. But if they have a slip up or two, this series could last 5 or even 6 games.

So my prediction. Call me pessimistic, but I see the series going 6 games. I'd like to see it go 4 and just watch the Cavaliers (er... LeBron) dominate (like they can/should). And while it's certainly possible that the Cavs completely own the Wizards, I can't predict something that I haven't seen all season.

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