Friday, April 27, 2007

Game 3

There's a reason I don't have high expectations for Saturday's game:


graham said...


Erik said...

You know, Gilbert Arenas said he had some tricks up his sleeve to stop the Cavs. The fact that he personally recruited the rapper Fabolous to perform at Larry Hughes' other party makes me wonder.

Do you think Arenas wants to get LeBron and Hughes totally bombed and hungover for Game 4? Maybe slip them a mickey. Nothing too serious, just enough to take their edge away.

I could very definitely see Arenas telling Antawn Jamison "Just win Game 3, any way you can. I'll take care of the rest. We're gonna get back in this series."

these shindigs just goes to show how fraternal and casual pro sports has become, especially the NBA. Back in the day, I doubt you would have seen Isiah Thomas partying with Magic Johnson in between games of the NBA Finals, even though they are/were good friends.

You know how so many sports guys talk about "leaving your ego at the door?" Well, nowadays, NBA players leave their team allegiances at the door of the arena. As Shawn Kemp said, in the end, they really just play for the logo.

graham said...

To be fair, players lend their names to parties all the time, and sometimes don't show up or do so for about 10 minutes.

Players go out after games in the NBA, that's nothing new. Let's just hope they don't get bombed.

Ben said...

I know they lend their names to parties all the time and that there is a decent chance they might not even show up... but still

after sleep walking through the regular season and the first two games of the playoffs, seeing party ads doesn't exactly give me confidence.

Saturday: Browns draft Brady Quinn and the Cavs lose to the Wizards. Book it.