Saturday, April 07, 2007

No Me Gusta

Brady Quinn spotted in Berea:
Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn dressed in a light orange shirt for his visit to the Browns. If he gets his wish, he'll soon have a matching orange helmet.

Quinn, who grew up in Dublin, Ohio, has said he wants to play for the Browns, the team he rooted for as a kid. On Thursday, he spent a few hours touring the team's headquarters and interviewing with coaches.

He arrived in Cleveland on Wednesday night and was taken to dinner by team officials.

As the draft gets closer and closer, I'm becoming more and more resolute in my stance of "Joe Thomas or trade down". I'm not a fan of Quinn at 3 (and I've somehow convinced myself that Russell is going to be a bust) and I'd like them to take the safest possible pick (which in my mind is Thomas).

Now if they trade down and take Quinn at 7 or something... I still wouldn't be thrilled, but having extra picks would sooth my anger.


JDW said...

The Browns are about to fuck up the draft. I don't even think Thomas has been to Cleveland yet.

Ben said...

Is there a fan base dreading the Draft more than Browns fans? Seriously, who is looking forward to this less?