Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dirty Pretty Things

I'm a big fan of this band and I really enjoy their first album Waterloo to Anywhere. A little while back I came upon an EP of theirs that was released shortly after Waterloo entitled Bang Bang You're Dead.

The EP is fantastic, though it's more like a big single than an EP. The first two tracks are the album versions of 'Bang Bang You're Dead' and 'Deadwood', which, while good, is nothing new. The final 3 cuts are alternate/acoustic versions of a few tracks off the album.

Those final 3 tracks are the reason to go find this EP.

The first alternate take is of 'Gin % Milk' which is a great song to begin with but here the tempo is slowed down and its machine gun like guitar onslaught is replaced with a somber acoustic strum. The new tone really puts the lyrics on display (as opposed to the sensory overload of the original):
No one gives a fuck
About the values I would die for
Not the faceless civil servants
The rudimentary crack whore
No one gives two fucks
About the values I would kill for
Give them something to die for
Give me something to die for
The second, and best, alternate take is of 'Wondering' and they call it a 'Tavern Version' (the third alt. take is of the title tack, and while it works, it won't replace the original version).

Now, 'Wondering' is a song that was OK for me but didn't really stand out. Don't get me wrong, it's a good song, but nothing special (see for yourself, a video for the original version is here).

But the 'Tavern Version' is glorious and it's what you'd think it is - a relaxed bar band/singalong version. This should definitely end up being The Version of 'Wondering'. The song is stripped down and the band sounds like it's having a blast (this is a live recording). The drumming is extremely simple (two sticks and a table to bang against), there's an lively acoustic guitar and jaunty piano- honestly, it sounds like a rollicking bar band just having a blast. Plus, they throw in some nonsensical 'la dah dadada daah dah dada's, which is a sure fire way to draw me in (seriously, I love 'la da da's and 'nah nah nah's. If a band can alternate great lyrics with nonsensical fluff, I'm gonna be a fan).

I know it's only five songs (and none are exactly 'new'), but it should be able to hold me over until their new album is released later this year.

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