Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This and That

Here's some stuff to read and ponder while awaiting the Cavs game tomorrow:

SI.com has a great article on video guys of the NBA. Mike Brown and the Cavs are prominently featured.

Brian Windhorst talks about X's and O's. My head hurts.

Sebastian Telfair is going to be cut by the Celtics
. Do you pick him up? I wouldn't expect much, but I'd rather take a flyer on Telfair rather than another David Wesley type.

LeBron didn't practice but it looks like he's going to play Wednesday night (I, for one, am shocked)

Some non-Joe Thomas linemen the Browns are looking at (I wouldn't mind this draft).

Ryan Garko!

and finally, I'm not sure why this is just now getting noticed, but 'the diff' has been around for at least a year now, if not longer. Don't blame Cavs fans, we don't like it either.

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Erik said...

"The Diff" is getting noticed because the kind folks who produce the comic strip "Crankshaft" referenced it in the strip this past Sunday.

It's like someone discovering our secret shame. Ready yourself for a torrent of blog posts from around the country declaring, "Cleveland fans didn't pass second-grade math ... Is anyone really surprised?"

We're already known as a poor, fat city. Now we're a dumb city. Great.

I bet we could take the most brilliant cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic, send him to a medical convention in Chicago, and all the other cardiologists would look at him, make stupid faces and say "LOOK AT MEEE!! I'M THE WATERBOY!! DUUUUUUUHHHHHH!!!"