Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sasha's 20%

For those of you wondering (like I was) what some of the other Cavalier players' drive/block percentage is, I emailed Brian Windhorst my and he sent me the following:
7 percent of the LeBron's, 15 percent for Larry. But Sasha takes a higher volume of interior shots than Larry, also Larry has a higher foul percentage. The only person on the Cavs who has a higher block rate from inside is Damon Jones, but only 7 percent of his shots come inside.
So there you go. I still like the fact that Sasha goes inside, even if he gets blocked, at least he's attacking and drawing the defense (and I still think he gets no respect from the refs).

I'll take a Pavlovic blocked drive over a Hughes clanked 18 footer (with a guy in his face and 17 seconds on the shot clock) any day.


Bad Becks said...

How about Sasha getting packed on a lay-up attempt by Zo tonight? How do you not see him? Then again, at least he went for it. Drew Gooden looked scared shitless and passed out of the block every time Shaq made a move for him tonight.

Ben said...

Zo scared all the Cavs big men (not sure about Z, but Marshall and Varejao were freaking out too). At least Sasha is challenging him. Maybe he'll draw a foul, it's better than trying hoist a weak floater over him. At least make him work. Challenge him.