Thursday, November 01, 2007

About that Penn State Video

Ya, I've seen it.

It could be really easy to go off on a giant diatribe about how Penn State fans are assholes and blah blah blah. But that is dumb.

If you actually think that these douchebags represent Penn State, you're an idiot. Sure they're assholes, but they are no more representative of PSU than car tippers in Columbus (next time there's a riot in Columbus, check out how many students are arrested).

I've walked around Happy Valley in full Ohio State gear and I can honestly say that nothing like this was even close to happening. There was taunting and trash talking going back and forth, but it was all in good fun. (My favorite exchange: "You're from Ohio? Ohio sucks!" "You live in Pennsylvania, we share Lake Erie, we're basically the same state" "Ya, I know..."). I never felt remotely scared of Penn State fans, even after I mooned a crowded Taco Bell.

You wanna rip on those assholes, go right ahead. They're scum (takes a big man to throw a beer at a guy with 100 buddies backing him up).

But don't act like this is some kind of indictment on Penn State or their fans.


Jeff said...

the link is dead

Ben said...

Ya, its been pulled a couple times already....

Anonymous said...

what happens?

Ben said...

they throw full cans of beer at osu fans. there's about 100 penn state fans and 3 osu fans.