Wednesday, November 14, 2007

And so it begins....

Kill me now:
Josh Markovic (Mimmiville): Can we finally come the realization the KG is much better than Tim Duncan?

SportsNation John Hollinger: That annoying 4-0 deficit in championship rings is putting a bit of a dent in your case.
Yup, 6 games in and the debate is settled. Why wait 'til the playoffs, let's just stop the season now and give the championship to the Celtics. I mean, they've beaten Washington, Toronto, Denver, New Jersey, Atlanta and Indiana, who can't these guys beat? Could this team challenge Chicago's 72 wins?

Stop it.

Kevin Garnett is not better than Tim Duncan. The '07-'08 Celtics shouldn't even be in the same conversation with the '95-'96 Bulls (let alone have their own comparison page on

They're a good team who's gotten off to a hot start. They'll win somewhere between 46-56 games this year. They aren't going to win 60 and they aren't going to sniff 70.

On a similar note, the second part (Eastern Conference part 2) of Bill Simmon's four part NBA preview posts today and I'm interested to see A) how many back handed compliments he gives the Cavaliers and B) if he's gone off the deep end with the Celtics or if he's kept his wits about him. BTW, Part 1 was quite enjoyable and it reminded me of how much I really enjoy his NBA stuff when he's not making up shit about LeBron.


Erik said...

Here is another nominee for "biggest overreaction to the Celtics' start," courtesy of the power rankings on

"If you didn't already know, Kevin Garnett is your early MVP front-runner; he's leading Boston in rebounds, assists and steals (on pace for career-highs in each category), not to mention blocks, and is also up there for Defensive Player of the Year."

Is anybody "on pace" for anything six games into the season, let alone be considered an "early frontrunner" for a postseason award? I mean, I know it's KG and his numbers will be right up there by year's end, but geez...

Ben said...

Boston's on pace for 82-0!