Friday, November 16, 2007

Larry Hughes is out

ESPN 850 WKNR is reporting that Hughes will miss 2-4 weeks due to the bone bruise on his knee (can't find a link yet- sorry).

I, for one, am shocked, shocked, that Hughes is missing more time. Hopefully Brown can get settle on a decent sub pattern with Sasha Pavlovic and Devin Brown (needless to say, I like both of their games better than Larry's).

Also, I'm not sure whether or not I'll be able to write up the Utah game tonight (I'll be in Columbus for the OSU-Michigan festivities, you know, dumpster fires and car flipping) so you'll have to make due without me.


Greg said...


Erik said...

I'd say "yay" if I didn't think the rest of the backcourt was one wrong turn away from missing 2-4 weeks themselves.

The Cavs might be headed toward a point in the next few games where Hughes, Pavlovic, Damon Jones and Snow are all unavailable.

That means we might yet see an all-2006-draft pick starting backcourt of Boobie Gibson and Shannon Brown, with Demetrius Nichols coming off the bench. I can't wait.

And Ben, burn a couch if the Buckeyes win. It's the quickest way to get on SportsCenter, when they show the shocking postgame arrest statistics (Six arrests?!! Those OSU fans are all crazy drunks!)

Curiously, no one reports about the number of gunshot wounds that occur on the USC campus/ghetto when they beat UCLA.

Ben said...

"a small couch fire never hurt anybody" - my dad

The Other Ben said...

Considering its Michigan week, its a time of reflection of my days in college. I have also come to the realization that tomorrows game and the Big 12/SEC matchups, along with my normal livelyhood, will have a great bearing on when my liver approaches Pat Summerall status.

graham said...

Eh, you didn't miss much. Pretty boring game: Cavs won, LeBron only up 40, 10, and 9. No biggie.

Seriously, isn't a little weird the national media isn't really talking about LeBron's play? And I say that because NOBODY has put up those kind of numbers. Maybe it's motivating Bron a bit

davemanddd said...

i think the reason hardly anybody has been paying any attention to lebron this year is because they are all just caught up with the so-called "big 3" in boston which is being blown way out of proportion if you ask me. why the hype, just because their undefeated??? big deal. who have they played??? orlando will beat them sunday, just you watch. the last time i checked, the nba season is an 82-game grind and these guys are all over 30, past their primes and due for injuries at any point. come back and see where they're at in march before you start proclaiming them the greatest thing invented since sliced bread. lebron is 22, won't turn 23 until the end of december and has barely yet to even scratch the surface of his immense talent. he is still on the upward climb of his potential and will only get better, as will the cavs.