Wednesday, November 14, 2007

No Buyout for Snow

There was a rumor that Eric Snow might ask for a buyout:

Cleveland Cavaliers insiders are starting to believe Eric Snow's days in Cleveland are numbered. Before undergoing knee surgery, Snow sold his house in Cleveland and returned to his family's home base in Atlanta.

After joining up with the Cavs for two games of their West Coast trip last week, he went back home to Atlanta citing personal reasons. The suspicion is he will ask the Cavs to buy him out of the two remaining years of his contract, which he hopes would allow him to sign with the Atlanta Hawks.

That might be a problem, though, since he stands to make $6.7 million this year and $7.3 million next year.

At first thought, I thought this might be a good idea, considering the glut of guards that the Cavs already have (plus the stellar play of Devin Brown). But come next offseason, Snow's expiring deal will ($7.3 million) could help the Cavs out a lot. I'd hate to see the Cavs sit on Snow's contract for all these years and then let him go without taking advantage of the expiring deal or the capspace.

Well, don't worry (I guess) because it looks like Snow is sticking around:

A report in the Detroit News this week suggested that Eric Snow plans to ask the Cavs for a buyout of the last two years of his contract and sign with the Atlanta Hawks. It was based on the fact that Snow's family moved from Cleveland to Atlanta full time over the summer. It sent the message boards buzzing.

It is simply not true.

Snow's agent, Steve Kauffman, said Tuesday there have been no buyout talks and there are no plans for such talks. According to a source, the Cavs have no interest in buyout talks, either.

Snow, a Canton native, has maintained a home in Atlanta for years and always planned to move his family there full time. The Cavs have had trade talks involving Snow, including with the Hawks, a source said, but nothing is imminent. Next year, in the final year of Snow's contract, when he's to be paid $7.3 million, he probably will become a key trading asset for the Cavs.

The team also values his defense and his leadership. Snow has been a captain for the past three seasons.

So there we go. He'll be here for at least this season. Which, honestly, is fine. They could use him in big defensive spots and simply having him around Daniel Gibson can't hurt, can it?

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