Wednesday, November 14, 2007

One more thing

I've been meaning to highlight this in a 'Random Thoughts from the Weekend' but I've been busy with school (also, I have a day off today, which I think is obvious by my blogging output) so I haven't gotten around to it.

Erik has a good post (though a bit old) about how LeBron and the Cavs are coming off a trip to the Finals (seriously, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the NBA Finals people!) and how they're getting no respect, either nationally or locally.

And he's right, this is stupid. I'd love to be able to explain it, but I can't. See, I'm not your typical Cleveland fan, my loyalties go Cavs-Tribe-Browns in that order. I don't understand how the fans can pack a sports bar for the NFL Draft but then leave as the Cavs play (and win) a playoff game.

(But it makes sense; the Cavs were good when I was in grade school and middle school, when I first started to like sports. The Tribe kicked ass in the 90s when I was in high school. The Browns? They were OK when I was young and then left (and stunk upon their return) during middle school and high school. I think my loyalties make sense. Let's move on).

But there's more.

Erik also brings up Scott Raab's insane LeBron-Yankee cap rant ('worthless scrum') and then Raab comments leaves an incoherent comment about 'if Larry Bird had worn a Yankees cap' and how LeBron can't leave soon enough (I'm jealous, I wish Raab had left a comment on my Raab diatribe post).

It's pretty interesting and I recommend reading the whole thing.


The Other Ben said...

Ben I can explain Browns fans - power drinking white trash with no respect for others. Ive been to 7 games the past two years (3 this year). From the time I park my car on lakeside to the time i take my seat, I never feel more embarrassed to be from Cleveland. Terrible language around kids, people starting fights, talking mad shit to everyone - home and away fans alike, all the townies acting like Mr. Shot because they are decked out in their browns gear IE helmets, stupid costumes, etc etc. Can I say every Browns fan is crap? No, but on the long walk there most of the people i see and listen to are jackasses. In my experience, its a hell of a lot worse than all the OSU games we went to. Football is a simple game that a lot of guys can "relate" to because it reminds them of their glory days of high school ball. You know who else is a POS, Larry Hughes. We could say a lot about Larry, all of it being bad, but its an exhausted issue and just not worth speaking to.

Erik said...

I think Scott Raab Googles "LeBron James + Worthless Scum" every day just to see who is out there buzzing about his controversial take. He writes for Esquire, so he probably takes a lot of pride in being edgy.

Ben said...

whatever the reason, Raab is a douchebag.

of course, there are dumbass Cleveland fans still bringing "hey LeBron, how bout those Yankees?!" signs (I saw one during the Magic game)...

yes, taunt your superstar player... good call jackass