Thursday, November 08, 2007

This is Stupid

Why would the Browns do this? I mean, wow, I'd love to see this offense with Adrian Peterson; could imagine a back like that complimenting this passing attack? But do you know what the key word in that sentence was?


I'd love to see Peterson with this offense. I'd love to see Peterson getting downfield blocks from Braylon Edwards. I'd love to see Peterson catch swing passes from Derek Anderson. I'd love to see Peterson run behind this offensive line.

I'm sure we all remember that last season Charlie Frye got tackled multiple times while handing the ball off. Don't get me wrong, Derek Anderson's been great this year. Great. Last week he was 29-48 for 364 yards. But, out of the 48 times he dropped back to pass, do you know how many times he was sacked? 0. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Nil. Zip. Derek Anderson isn't being Derek Anderson if the Browns don't draft Joe Thomas (and sign Eric Steinbach). If Anderson has to run for his life every play, we're not watching Braylon Edwards make sweet catches.

So, while Adrian Peterson has been spectacular (oh, and by the way, the Vikings are 3-5), I don't think the (5-3!) Browns would do anything different with that third overall pick.


graham said...

You make valid points, but if you could have Adrian Peterson and Tony Ugoh (who was drafted in the second round and coulda been had by the Browns had they not traded up for Quinn), wouldn't you do it?

I'd rather have a once in a generation type of running back and a type flight left tackle who is good enough to start for the Colts than just a great left tackle.

The point is this: you coulda had Peterson and a very good left tackle. Ugoh is quite sufficient, actually. That's the one problem with taking a left tackle that high: you're probably gonna miss on a guy who is playmaker who gets the ball the entire game.

The best argument for taking Thomas over Peterson is that he could very well last longer in the NFL, seeing as lineman have longer playing careers.

You can't blame Savage, it's all 20/20 and NO ONE thought Peterson would be this good. But he very well could be one of the very best playermakers...ever.

Personally, if I could have Peterson, Ugoh, and next year's 1st round pick, I'd take that over Thomas, Quinn, and no first round pick next year. I was a big Peteson guy though heading into the draft, so maybe I'm a bit biased

graham said...

I should also add that the Browns problem regarding their offensive line is not that they didn't take a linemen with their top 10 draft picks over the years, but that they didn't address it in the first 3 rounds most of the time. That's the real problem in my view.

Michael Beckwith said...

What's even stupider is the fact that McShay still factors in the idea that the Browns would still trade back into the first round for Ugoh. I don't think so. Put this guy somewhere without Manning's quick release and established system and I just don't see this guy playing quite at the same level. For crying out loud, that Johnson guy they've been playing since Ugoh got hurt has been just as good!

BTW, I'm quite satisfied with the Thomas pick to date.

Hornless Rhino said...

This Peterson speculation is all well and good, but I think it distracts people from the real question: would World War II have ended sooner if Eleanor Roosevelt could fly?

Erik said...

The Browns are 5-3 and we're talking about how we'd do things differently? Are you serious?

I, for one, was sick of watching an offense with good skill players get sabotaged by a horrible offensive line. Joe Thomas might not have been a sexy pick, but he was a necessary pick if this team was going to build toward anything.

This past spring was not the time to draft another skill player, then cross our fingers on finding a franchise left tackle later in the draft. Thomas was there, the Browns took him and are now reaping the benefits.

I don't care if Peterson becomes the greatest running back in NFL history. I still take Thomas. Why? You can have a great running back on a mediocre team (Barry Sanders and Eric Dickerson, anyone?) but franchise left tackles generally play for winning teams because they set the offense up for everyone else.

The Other Ben said...

Ben just kicked Todd McShay right in the testicles.

graham said...

On a totally unrelated note. With Boston sports teams performing at all time high, I was wondering what New Englanders were complain about.

Then I read Bill Simmons new article. Gimme a freakin' break, pal.

The Other Ben said...

Boobie Gibson banged Bill Simmons's mom, and you can quote me on that.

Ben said...

If Quinn is off the board, there's no way the Browns are trading back into the first round. It just isn't happening.

Before the draft, Peterson was my number second choice. Despite how good he's looked (and he's looked great), I'd STILL take Thomas.

I'm not saying that the Browns needed to take a lineman in the first round and thats been their problem. They had only taken TWO offensive linemen on the first day (both centers). The ratings for the prospects went like this: Calvin Johnson, Joe Thomas, then everyone else. Peterson could be great, but so can Thomas (just not as flashy). I'm more than fine with the pick and I see no reason to rethink it.

Ben said...

Let's lay off of Simmons guys. Sure, he just compared the NFL and their officials to (a film version of) Nazi Germany, but what is he supposed to write about?

His football team playing one of the best regular season games ever (seriously, everyone on the field was playing at a ridiculously high level) and being on pace for 19-0?

Or his baseball team winning the World Series?

Or the Greatest Basketball Team Ever Assembled in the History of the Eastern Conference Basketball?

I mean, what other choice did have but to write about the NFL conspiring against Patriots and rigging the game? I'm sure if I was a Boston fan, I'd be pissed too, cause nothing ever goes Boston's way. (and by the way, the refs sucked that game. the pass interference calls were bogus. but that happens all the time and there's no 'conspiracy' going on).

And Ben? This is the only time I'm ever quoting you:

Me - Dude, your visor is pretty dirty
Other Ben - [looks at visor] Naw man, that's not dirt, that's Southern Comfort.


Cactus Chris said...

How do people feel about the browns drafting thomas, now that All Day is gone with an injury, something that scared people prior to the draft?