Tuesday, May 22, 2007

How soon do the Blazers trade Darius Miles?

The Cavs waited until January 21st to get Miles away from LeBron James. I can't imagine Portland allowing Miles (or Zach Randolph??) to share the court with Greg Oden.

adding... Portland has to take Oden, don't they? Team Oden with rookie of the year Brandon Roy and go from there.

And poor Boston fans. I guess they'll just have to suffer through watching the best team in baseball and dealing with Tom Brady throwing the ball to Randy Moss....


Anonymous said...

Somehow I feel this is karma coming back to bit Bill Simmons for taking cheap shots at every NBA team, and guaranteeing the biggest story line of the second half of the NBA season will be a certain Cavalier player "mailing it in."

Have fun watching the Celtics draft Joakim Noah, you prick.

Anonymous said...

That was the most concise and accurate post this year Graham. Salutations!