Tuesday, May 15, 2007

James and Newble

A small update on Newble's petition, LeBron (and Damon Jones) aren't signing:
LeBron James was asked before Game 4 on Monday why he chose not to sign teammate Ira Newble's letter to the Peoples Republic of China asking for the government to step in and ease the conflict in Darfur, Sudan. China is Sudan's biggest oil customer. James and teammate Damon Jones, both of whom have signature shoes sold in China, decided not to sign the petition.

`Just basically not having enough information,'' James said. ``That was the main concern, not having enough information about what's going on. At the same time, I do respect my teammates' opinions and things like that. I have to have a little bit of extensive knowledge to make a decision on something.''

I'm a bit mixed on this. On the one hand, James is just a 22 year old kid who never went to college, what the hell does he know about the world? But on the other hand, this isn't something that is too difficult to get behind. Hmmm, genocide, yay or nay? And having a name of LeBron James' stature on that petition could really lend more weight and attention to things.

But hey, the Chinese buy sneakers too.


Anonymous said...

James is playing a business man and he's doing business (big business) in China. Does China have some shameful foreign policies? Hell yeah? Does America have shameful foreign policies? Absolutely.

The fact is this: most of the entire world has bought into the capitalist framework, and every single one of us contributes to it everyday whether we realize it or not. You be hardpressed to find a person who doesn't buy stuff from China or from other nations who have atrocius human rights records. Its the nature of a world that is based on consumerism.

Sorry about the diatribe, but while Newble has a worthwhile cause, its silly for us to get on James when he's simply working within a structure in which important things get ignored, and most of the society (including James) are unaware or don't take action. Newble's petition isn't going to do a thing, because the system isn't going to change.

I'm not directing this at you specifically, but it would be entirely hypocritical if we point the finger at James and not at ourselves. Our entire society is guilty of apathy in the Sudan case and many others.

Anonymous said...

One quick point: The U.S. government has not gotten intervened in the Sudanese genocide, in part, because they believe members of the government (who are directing the genocide) are providing us valuable intelligence regarding terrorist groups.

The point is that its absurd to think China is the main culprit or the only nation turning a blind eye to these killings

Ben said...

Oh I agree, this isn't like James signs the petition and things magically get better.

Large countries like the US and China have policies that support countries who are deplorable (for whatever reason, oil or otherwise).

We have a lot of things in our society bass-ackwards (maybe like all the time devoted to sports) and there is also a lot of apathy towards this and many other things.

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean to preach or anything, but like you said, our society is apathetic towards alot of things we should pay attention too.

I'll admit, though, it would be nice if Bron came out and signed the petition.

john marzan said...

Large countries like the US and China have policies that support countries who are deplorable (for whatever reason, oil or otherwise).

the US i thought made a break from the old policies of the past by not not coddling dictators anymore and "promoting democracy" in the mideast. Since the Iraq project seems to be failing, and NATO is having a hard time in afghanistan, the US is in no shape for anymore "unilateral" intervention.

And the Arab countries in the region seem to don't mind that genocide seems to be taking place in their backyard either.

Anonymous said...

Sure the arab countries don't care, since muslims are "terminating" non-muslim poeple. And it is not that much about business or capitalism or system or whatever. United Nations are trying to make efficient moves to support suffering poeple in that area, but Chian simply exerts its "veto" on every resolution made by the U.N. just the same way U.S. exerts their veto against on any resolution against Israel...

Don't get confused between social-economic ideologies and international politics fellas, and like Lebron James, if you are ignorant, at least keep your mouthes closed :)

These twisted moves cannot be explained by any rationnal theorie other than egocentrism and humain being despising