Thursday, July 09, 2009

$7 million per ain't terrible

Who says players won't sign long term deals in Cleveland...

The Cleveland Cavaliers have come to an agreement with free agent Anderson Varejao on a six-year deal, his agent Dan Fegan told

Varejao's contract is worth $42.5 million over the six years, and the final year is only partially guaranteed. Incentives could push the total amount to $50 million.

I think $6 million per would've been perfect, but I can live with $7 mil.

While signing Varejao is nice (sorta), there's other news as well:

The Cavs have also agreed to terms with Toronto free agent Anthony Parker. The final figures of the deal are not set, but he will receive a portion of the $5.8 midlevel exception for either two or three years.

The Cavs hope to sign Channing Frye with the remainder of their midlevel exception.

This is somewhat interesting. I'm not opposed to Anthony Parker, it just mattered at what price. And if the Cavs are hoping to split their midlevel between two players, then that means they aren't overpaying for someone like Parker (not a stylish pick up, but a servicable player nonetheless).

As for Channing Frye, I really don't know. He has the on court skill set (decent jumper) to compliment Shaq and Bron-Bron, but I don't know if he's got the mental toughness. We'll see I guess, I remember he had a nice rookie year and then he kinda dropped off my radar.

I still think their best at adding major talent is through trading Big Z('s contract).


Erik said...

Andy is a major move from a stability standpoint. The one young rotation big the Cavs have, and now he's under contract past next season. Andy got basically MLE money. They didn't overpay much for him, though I heard the contract might be backloaded.

If he is this team's starting PF for the next five years, and plays at a starter's level, it's probably money well spent.

I do like the Parker signing. Maybe the fact that he's 34 is a red flag, but he's already well into his 30s and still playing at a fairly high level. Generally, if guards are going to fall off, they lose it around 30.

Parker is in his mid-30s, but still a hard-nosed wing defender and still a good outside shooter. Seemed to always play pretty well against the Cavs.

He fills two roles around Bron and Shaq, and it would surprise me to see him starting at SG with Delonte moved to a supersub role.

Erik said...

One more thing: If you look at pics of Parker, dude has some muscle definition. He's not a skinny 6'-6". He can probably defend bigger players.

Geoff said...

hopefully Parker can do what Sasha was supposed to do, score 10-15 points, hit open shots, and play good defense on taller guards (consistently).

Frye is a little underwhelming, but its a low risk high reward sort of move, if he ever regains his form from his rookie year. Maybe he figures it out. At least he has that is a possibility since we know what Joe Smith is, and he didnt exactly play that much in the postseason anyways.

Yea Artest/Ariza would have been nice. But as long as we can play a lineup that can shut people down defensively, we'll be fine since we will always have the best player on the court. The Cavs formula to winning is keeping the score low and letting Lebron take over. We didn't beat the Magic because they were scoring in the 100s each game, and no Mike Brown team will win that way.

Geoff said...

oh and 7 mil for Andy? You take that in a heart beat. 6 mil, 7 mil, who cares? He is a big guy who you can win a championship with, i'll take it.

Ben said...

Hell, I ready to see him sign for $8, $8.5 million per season.

Is $7 million too much? Probably. But NBA big men get overpaid. That's just how it works.

Geoff said...

also, imagine the hoopla if Lebron was making the comments in the media like Wade is with Miami, with riley and wade going back and worth like that.

Anonymous said...

i hear that channing frye is going to phoenix now instead. so who's left for the cavs to pursue???

Anonymous said...

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