Friday, July 31, 2009

This is somehow fitting

Gotta love the promotions to bring the fans out to the ballpark:
Detroit Tigers Weekend Series (July 31-Aug. 1 & 2):

FRIDAY- Fireworks Themed to Tom Hamilton Game Calls to celebrate his 20th Anniversary

SATURDAY- 2009 Indians Hall of Fame Induction of Sandy Alomar, Jr. and Wes Ferrell; Inaugural Class of Distinguished Hall of Fame includes Richard Jacobs and Bill Veeck. And Victor Martinez Catcher Bobblehead to ALL FANS, courtesy of Time Warner Cable

SUNDAY- Slider's Birthday Celebration featuring Slider Bobster to ALL KIDS 14 and Under, courtesy of Nesquik
One slight problem:
The Boston Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians were discussing a three-way trade Thursday night that would send Victor Martinez to Boston, Clay Buchholz to Cleveland and prospects flying in all directions, according to clubs that spoke to both team
This team is a joke.


Geoff said...

Watch the video from this link, Gammons talks about the Tribe perspective...

Gammons has always liked the Indians for some reason, which is great cuz he's one of the best.

Erik said...

Jayson Stark picked the Indians as one of his trade deadline winners. Obviously, not for anything that is apparent now, but he really feels like the Indians did a great job loading up with power arms for the future.

Admittedly, even if you hated the trades and what they did to the roster, the Indians desperately needed some hard throwing pitchers in the farm system. They have had way too many Aaron Laffeys and Jeremy Sowers, not enough guys who throw 95 with movement.

Anonymous said...

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