Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'd be on board

The Cavs are apparently in the running for the services of Hakim Warrick:
Word is Hakim Warrick, transformed from a restricted free agent to an unrestricted free agent last week when the Grizzlies withdrew their qualifying offer, is deciding between Cleveland, Philadelphia and Milwaukee and could choose his new team as early as Friday.
Windhorst has more:
Warrick is a very athletic 6-foot-9 and he averaged 11.6 points and 5.0 rebounds for the Grizzlies last season. The best the Cavs could offer would be their bi-annual exception of $2 million with a player option for a second season. Milwaukee has been linked to Warrick but they may be in a holding pattern as they see what happens with restricted free agent Ramon Sessions. Warrick can make more money and get more playing time elsewhere but playing with a contender like the Cavs on a short deal has its positives.
I'd love this move. It would give the Cavs another athletic young player. His length and athleticism would be a fantastic fit for Cleveland.

Imagine a lineup of West-Moon-James-Warrick-Varejao/Hickson. That would be nuts. They could run with anyone. Just the idea of having James, Warrick and Moon on the court together gives me goosebumps.

Lord knows if Warrick will end up choosing the Cavaliers, but damn, it'd be nice.


Erik said...

I'm not getting too hyped on the idea of landing Warrick. I'd love to get him, but the fact remains that the Bucks can offer more, and Philly is his hometown. And both can probably offer Warrick a more prominent role than the Cavs can.

Free agents want money first, a featured role second, warm weather third, and the chance to play for a winner fourth.

The only thing Ferry can offer Warrick is the fourth item. To fans, it would make sense. To Warrick, probably not. I'll cross my fingers, but I'm not banking on Warrick taking the Cavs' BAE.

Ben said...

Well, one way to look at the situation is that the Cavs are gonna be in the playoffs.

If Warrick signs a 1-year deal, puts a strong showing next to LeBron and Shaq, he could parlay that into a big contract next summer.

Philly has a ton of forwards (no PT) and Milwaukee is cold and a bad team (and he's coming off 4 years in Memphis).

For what it's worth, I don't expect him to sign here either,but I don't think it's out of the question.

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