Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Trivia Question

Quick, name the guy who traded the reigning Cy Young award winner in consecutive seasons:
The Philadelphia Phillies and Cleveland Indians agreed to a trade that would bring Cliff Lee to the NL East leaders along with outfielder Ben Francisco for four minor leaguers, according to major league sources.
At least with C.C. Sabathia, the Tribe traded him during his walk year (rather than lose him for nothing). But not this time. Cliff Lee got jettisoned even though he has another full season under contract.

Well done Mark Shapiro.

The Indians picked up RHP Jason Knapp, RHP Carlos Carrasco, SS Jason Donald and catcher Lou Marson. Knapp is the key guy, he had 111Ks in 85 IP this year in A ball (that's right A ball, remember when they wanted Major League Ready Arms for next year? Oopsie.). In fairness, they did end up getting four the Phillies' Top 10 prospects... but still, this is a salary dump.

And this makes me absolutely sick:
The Phillies weren't required to give up pitcher J.A. Happ or the three prospects they balked at trading for Roy Halladay -- outfielders Dominic Brown and Michael Taylor, and pitcher Kyle Drabek.
That's some fine negotiatin', Lou.

Fans should spend money on the 2010 Indians because...?


Geoff said...

3 out of the 4 prospects are Triple A. Besides, don't be bummed that we didn't get their "top-rated" prospects because prospects miss all the time and more than half of these "top" prospects that people refuse to trade never end up being any good anyways.

Personally, I'd like to have a coaching staff that gets these prospects to play up to their potential (cough- Carmona-Perez-Sizemore-cough) rather than have them go someplace else and succeed (Ludwick-franklin gutierrez-Brandon Phillips)

Ben said...

I mean, on one hand, I agree with selling high on Lee.

On the other hand, after all the bitching we did in the 90s about not having any pitchers... the just traded two Cy Young winners.

Ben said...

also, the Phillies got the reigning AL Cy Young winner, who's signed for another year, and didn't have to give up any of their Top 4 prospects.


Erik said...

They're probably going to do the same with V-Mart. These trades are, at their heart, salary dumps. What they get in return is secondary to saving money.

I have a feeling that between the economy and attendance that is coming in way below projections, the Dolans are feeling the financial noose tightening.

Get out your Zeppelin 8-tracks, because we're headed back to the 1970s. The Indians are selling off their best players so they can break even.

Ben said...

everywhere i've read states that while these guys are major league ready, they are mid-level prospects (except for Knapp, who won't be in Cleveland until 2012).


Geoff said...

Don't get hung up on where they are "rated" in Phillies system. That means jack shit. They are highly rated meaning they should pan out to major leaguers, maybe all-stars, maybe not. No one knows if any of the guys we did or did not get are going to be all-stars. If they were a can't miss, they would be near or at the big leagues already. So who cares if we got prospects 4-8 aside from 1-4. I guarantee you that we won't remember all the names of the guys we didn't get in this trade.If you still have a problem with the fact that we didn't get their number 1 rated prospect, go talk to Andy Marte.

Besides, one or two or those guys used to be the top rated prospect in their system. but maybe a bad year of pro ball or injuries lowered them a little bit. And sometimes low level prospects are higher rated cuz there is no body of work to compare them to. All I am saying is don't base your opinion of this trade by just looking at where these guys are rated...

I actually like the fact that we got 4 possibly good prospects instead of one so-called stud who we are putting all our eggs in one basket, where something could go wrong -like injuries (example: Alex Escobar)