Tuesday, January 17, 2006

AIM Triton

So I had to restart my computer today (its not something I do regularly)and when AIM came up, and AIM Today window came up, with a little blurb about upgrading to AIM Triton. I checked it out and decided, why not?

Couple things I don't like right off the bat:

1) All the sounds and crap were on default, so I had to go back and redo my preferences. Not a big deal, but still...

2) If I want to get a file from someone, instead of just right-clicking on their screan name in my buddy list, I have to IM them. I dislike this. I'm not sure how it will work for people downloading off of me, (besides them having to IM me). Also, I'm not sure if people on regular AIM can download off of AIM Triton.

3) color change, my when I talk, the letter of my name are green, stead of red.

4) runs a little slow

5) when I right click on a name to view their away message/profile, I have to move the mouse down (instead of left). I know, it sounds lame, but its the little things.

Though there are some things I like, for instance:

Tabbed IMs. this is nice, so I don't have a tonof IM screens all over the place. (Not that I talk on this as much as I used to, but still).

It intergrates address and phone numbers pretty easily. And works with yahoo.com for emails.

AIM Triton may be the next generation of AIM, I dunno. But there are some good ideas in this, and some shitty ones (the having to IM to get a file feature really stinks).

CNET has a review as well

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