Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Page 2 Creates a Misery Index for NFL Teams

And deservedly, Cleveland is on top.

When the subject of unlucky fans have come up over the years, the Cubs and Red Sox have always been the top two. Oh poor Boston and Chicago fans, their baseball teams haven't won in 80+ years.

Of course, Boston has also had the greatest pro-basketball teams ever. Also some guy named Bird. And those Patriots have won some important games lately.

And Chicago? Damn, they also had their own dynasty in pro-basketball, AND they had the guy regarded as the greatest player of all time, that Jordan character. Oh, and they're home to the NFL regarded as the Greatest of All Time, the 85 Bears.

Cleveland's baseball team hasn't won a World Series since the 40s. Their football team hasn't won since the 60s and their basketball team has never won. And the Sports Guy wonders why Cleveland fans send him angry emails whenever he assumes that LeBron is just going to run off to some other city.

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