Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Nice game today, I'm not much for bowls, but it is nice to see OSU take it to Notre Dame.

I didn't get too see all of the game due to work, but what I did see impressed the hell out of me. Troy Smith looked great.

I haven't been a big Smith guy, but I agree with Pat Forde, he could pull a Vince Young next year and lead the Buckeyes back to the Fiesta Bowl. Smith has looked great for most of the year, and looked spectacular the last few games. The only game he really looked bad was the Penn State game (I was there, he looked bad).

I will say this, a lot of people are lamenting how if Smith hadn't gotten suspended, the Buckeyes could be playing for the national championship, and that may be so. But Forde takes it a step further, saying that Tressel should've started Smith versus Texas anyways, which I emphatically don't agree with. Zwick started the previous year, then got hurt, at which point Smith came in and ended the year well (albiet versus weaker teams). Then he gets suspened before the bowl game, Zwick comes back and wins the bowl game, soundly. Then Zwick starts the year off by beating Miami (OH), again, soundly.

So OSU readies to play Texas and Zwick won the season opener AND last years bowl game (of which he started the season the starter). How can you not start Zwick? Smith came in and didn't exactly light it up, and when Zwick came back in, he threw a pass to a wide open Hamby who dropped a sure touchdown. So I don't blame Smith or Zwick for the Texas loss. There were a few bounces that didn't go OSUs way, I don't think you can blame the quarterbacks.

Also, for all the 'had Smith started vs Texas, OSU would be in the title game' talk... OSU still lost to Penn State, a game which Smith started and played the entire game. OSU lost that one too, they just got out played.

So, even though it sounds like I'm beating on Smith, I'm not, I just don't want hear any bitching about a year that OSU 'should've' had. They had a great year, and if the NCAA had a playoff, OSU would be one of the most dangerous teams out there, they clicked at the end.

But just wait til next year... think of that offense... yes.

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