Sunday, January 15, 2006

Whats on my TV

since the shoulder incident:

2 Cavs games. Both losses, and both extremely frustrating. Cavs guards still go under picks, instead of through them. Eddie House hit 12 straight points at one time today, I have no idea how that even happens. And they looked terrible versus a bad Lakers team. They kept giving up offensive rebounds and turned the ball over when they were pressured. Oh, and Damon Jone sucks. Z has really stepped it up with Hughes out. I can't say the same for Donyell Marshall. Luke Jackson had a good game vs the Lakers (11pts and 3/3 from 3pt range) but pretty much stunk tonight vs the Suns.

2 NFL Playoff Games. Now, I hate the Patriots and I almost always want them to lose. However, if they're going to lose, I want them to at least be beaten. First of all, the pass interference call in the endzone was horseshit, it really was. Talk about a game changing call, the ball was 10 yards over thrown and if there was contact it was A) incidnental or B) caused by the reciever. Just a bullshit call. Denver got a 1 yard touchdown run on the next play. But make no mistake, the Pats lost that game, the Broncos didn't win it. The Patriots (and the refs on that one call) handed it to them with 5 turnovers. The fumbles weren't well caused, Brady interception was a dumb throw. I hope the Broncos get spanked by the Colts like they have in the past 2 post seasons.

In the other game, Seattle won a game that shouldn't of been that close. They dodged a bullet
with Alexander's injury.

2 Godfather movies. 1 and 2, I haven't seen 3, but I'll probably get around to it at some point.

War of the Worlds. I liked it, except for the overly happy ending. But I really liked the beginning.

Sin City, the directors cut. Awesome, I've never seen it, that was badass.

40 Year Old Virgin. Funny shit, but I slept through most of it.

Wedding Crashers. Ditto.

The Shield. First episode of season 5. This show is great. FX makes some good shows (Rescue Me, Nip/Tuck). It's a bit violent, but it rings a bit truer than some other cop shows.

Star Wars Episode III. I like the new trilogy. Even 1 and 2. There, I said it.

A lot of Law and Order, SVU and normal. I can't really get into CI.

I also watched the first half of tonights SNL, which was awful, just awful. I just couldn't watch any more.

That's been my life the past few days. Its awesome. Not really.

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