Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I Hate Skip Bayless

Everytime theres a big sporting event, a World Series, a NBA Finals or a Superbowl, without some big name (mostly east coast team) someone in the media starts complaining.

"This is boring" they say, no high stakes. You heard it during last years NBA Finals. No Lakers, no New York or Chicago. No Shaq. Boo hoo. It only had the two best teams in the NBA.

During the 97 Series Marlins Manager Jim Leyeland lashed out saying neither team has to apologize for being here.

This Super Bowl has got a team from the midwest versus a team from the northwest. Naturally, Skip Bayless isn't happy.

While Seahawks fans are sleepless in Seattle, media members are sleepy in Detroit. Somehow, the Seahawks and Steelers in Detroit seems like a consolation game. After three sensational weekends of playoffs, this is an anticlimax. Now we're paying the price for all those upsets.

and he actually says that these two teams aren't worthy of the commercials during the game:
How can these teams ever generate enough star power to live up to the telecast's Oscar-worthy commercials?

Bayless then explains that these two teams don't deserve to be here, citing all the 'luck' they had throughout the year:

The Steelers, the first sixth seed to make it to the Super Bowl, barely made the playoffs thanks to a fairly easy closing schedule. They beat Kyle Orton's Bears in a snowstorm in Pittsburgh, then took care of Minnesota, Cleveland and Detroit.

But would they have won their first playoff game, in Cincinnati, if Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer hadn't been hurt on his second play? Doubtful. Would they have finished off the season's most shocking upset, in Indianapolis, if Colts cornerback Nick Harper hadn't weaved back into a sprawling ankle tackle by Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger? No. Would the Steelers have been able to win in Foxborough if the Broncos hadn't upset the Patriots the week before in Denver? Highly doubtful. Would the Steelers have won in Denver if an early poor pass by Roethlisberger had been picked off in the flat by Champ Bailey and returned for a stadium-rocking touchdown? Probably not.

And now the AFC's sixth seed is favored over the NFC's top seed? This feels like a moderately interesting, Week 9 nonconference game.

Would the Seahawks have risen from 2-2 to home-field playoff advantage if Terrell Owens hadn't torn apart the Eagles? If Michael Vick hadn't regressed? If the Giants, Redskins and Cowboys hadn't been forced to do battle twice in the East and the Panthers, Bucs and Falcons hadn't beaten each other up in the South?

Things just kept breaking right for the Seahawks. Without bye weeks, the Redskins and Panthers were banged up before playoff games in Seattle -- where the Seahawks' 12th Man gives them the NFL's loudest and strongest home-field advantage.

Wow. Just wow.

The gall of the Steelers, to win the games they played in the regular season. I mean, those bastards. The Steelers are just lucky, I mean, to win all their games on the road. To beat a 1, 2 and a 3 team? Luck, luck luck. If Big Ben hadn't made that tackle on Nick Harper... lets forget about the horrendous interception replay.

And the only reason the Seahawks are here is because Michael Vick sucks. I mean, who cares that Seattle spanked the Eagles, in Philly on Monday night, 42-0. Or that they beat Atlanta 21-18 early in the year. And the Seahawks are just lucky that other teams play their division opponents twice a year. Those lucky bastards.

Look, you can make these arguments all over the play. Well if that Pats hadn't fumbled vs Denver... or if Jordan missed over Ehlo. Or if the Indians hadn't choked the last week of the year.

Here's all these teams can do, beat the teams infront of them. And thats what these two teams did. They shouldn't have to apologize for not being in bigger markets. Or not having a loud mouth like TO. These are two of the deepest, most balanced teams in football.

I hate Skip Bayless.

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Branden said...

Skip sucks. I like Jon Stinchcomb