Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bye Bye Ben Broussard

Let the fire sale begin! Due to many factors this year (Cavs playoff run, shitty season) I haven't really gotten into the Indians this year. I haven't watched many of the games, mostly because by the time I finished watching Dwyane Wade shoot 49082343 free throws, the Indians were in third place and dropping fast. (My point you ask? This season hasn't been as devastating to me as it has other Cleveland fans).

The Wickman trade didn't really bother me too much, even if we only got a single A player in return. What was Shapiro supposed to do? I would imagine there were other offers, but Wicky was a 10-5 guy, so he could chose where to go, so maybe Atlanta was the only option. Plus what was the Indians big problem this year? Relief pitching. The Tribe's infield is set for now (especially after the Perez trade), the farm system has a lot of OFs and the starters aren't too bad down there either. If Atlanta is trading for Wickman, they probably won't give up a relief pitcher in return. So ya, a single A player (who is supposed to have a high ceiling), oh well, Wickman was gone after the year anyway.

Ben Broussard got shipped out today, to the Mariners. Seattle now has the Indians first base platoon from spring training. Awesome. The Tribe got a Triple A OF player who looks like he could bat leadoff. I like the deal (as do others) and I'll tell ya why.

I've never been a huge Broussard fan. He isn't bad, but well, he isn't that good. It seems to me that we're all still waiting for Broussard to 'get it'. He doesn't hit for the kind of power one would like from a first baseman. Last year it worked out because the Indians got good power numbers from Peralta and Victor (and Coco, not to mention Hafner). I think the Indians thought they could get a player to bat leadoff (and move Sizemore down to third) for a first baseman who is streaky as hell and platoons.

Anyways, I've always thought the Indians were close to dumping Broussard the last couple seasons, but he'll come up with a HUGE grand slam late in the year, get hot and the Indians will go "hmmm... maybe Ben is figuring it out, we'll bring him back for another year". And it just repeats and repeats and repeats.

This may be a fire sale, but I'm not really all that concerned. I know this season has sucked, but I just can't bring myself to get too upset at losing: Eduardo Perez, Bob Wickman and Ben Broussard.

I really think that the Tribe's front office is going to go out next offseason and spend (not a lot) money and go after good relievers. Hitting hasn't really been the Tribe's problem this year (now, timely hitting...) it has been the bullpen. If the front office brass realize that they gotta pay relievers as well, I see no reason why the Indians can't bounce back and compete next year.

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