Monday, July 03, 2006

Drew Gooden

The Nuggets re-signed Nene to a 6 year $60 million contract.

6 years. $60 million.

How'd Nene do in 05-06? He played in only one game. For three minutes.

04-05? 55 games, started 19 games, averaged 9.6 points and 5.9 rebounds.

Why do you care about this? Because the Cavs are looking to re-sign Drew Gooden. As most of you know, I've never been the biggest Gooden fan. We all know that he has the talent and the ability, but does he have the drive? I've seen Gooden make some great plays out there, but I've also seen him make some bonehead ones. I rarely see Gooden have a string of good games. He'll have a monster game one night, say 22 points 16 rebounds, and then have a stinker, say 6 and 4, the next. He is the definition of in consistant. Also, next time you see him playing crunch time, please let me know. I don't mean to sound as if I'm hating on Drew, I'm not. And I'm not against the Cavs re-signing him either, but it just has to be for the right price.

Roger Brown likes to complain about Z's contract, and that was 5 years, $55 million (Z played in 78 games last year and averaged 15.6 points and 7.5 rebounds). Compared to Nene, Z is all world.

Last year Gooden played 79 games and averaged 10.7 points and 8.4 rebounds.
In 04-05 (Nene's last full year) Gooden was even better, averaging 14.4 and 9.2.

Gooden is a nice player, and maybe he'll figure it out soon (Terry Pluto always liked to point out that Gooden hasn't had the same coach for back to back seasons since high school). It looks like Brown will be here for a little while longer, so Gooden may actually get some consistant coaching for two complete seasons.

But if Nene, who misses a ton of games, can get a 6 year deal at 10 million a year, how much is Drew Gooden worth? I mean, at least Gooden makes it out there for the games, Nene has missed 108 the last two years combined. And his last 'healthy' year, when he played 55 games? He only started 19. Gooden has been a starter for 3 years now in Cleveland.

If the Cavs can sign Gooden to 4-5 year deal, worth somewhere between $6-8 million a year, I say go for it. But Drew Gooden for 10 million a year? No thank you.

Finally, we have to remember, this is the NBA, you over pay for bigmen. Ben Wallace is looking to get 15 million a year, and he is half retarded on offense. Yes, Z has a large contract, but it was overpay Z or have... um... someone else playing center. Am I surprised that the Nuggets gave Nene 6 years and 60 million? Not really, but a little; for a player who has played in 56 games the past two season, 6 years?. And he wasn't particularly stellar in those 56 games. However, I'm not going to be surprised in two years when Denver is trying to unload Nene's burdonsome contract because they are trying to sign parts to put around Carmelo Anthony.

Big men get overpaid, thats how it works. The Cavs have two pretty decent power forwards under contract with Donyell Marshall and Anderson Varejao. I wouldn't mind Gooden in that mix for the next few years or so. But if Nene can squeeze $60 million bucks out of the Nuggets, what can Gooden get out of the Cavs?

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