Monday, July 10, 2006

The Headbutt Heard 'Round the World

Here's my thoughts on Zidane's now infamous Head Butt:

It was un-believably stupid. It's my last game, the World Cup Finals, we're tied in overtime, looking like we're going to go to penalty kicks, not only am I my team's captain, I'm also our best penalty kicker and I really want to headbutt this fucking dude. I'll probably get caught and red carded, but still. I'd be stupid not to do this.

It was also un-believably awesome. What a way to end your career. That's Zidane's last play. A headbutt.

It looks like the Italian dude that he got was a real dirty douchebag.

Not that I'm condoning the head butt (okay, kinda), but if I went up to one of my friends and head butted them in the chest, would their legs kick out from under them? Yea, Zidane clocked him, but that Italian dude over sold it just a tad. Which brings me to my next point.

I've enjoyed the World Cup a lot this time around, I've watched a fair amount of games, but come on, but I cannot stand the flopping. And I know, I love the NBA, which is getting pretty damn close in overall FPG (flopping per game). My buddy told me it was a smart move that the Italian guy over sold it, because if he didn't he might not have gotten the red card. That is fucking weak. Don't get me wrong, I see the point, but that's like some Laker fan telling me that Derek Fisher is good because he flops. When's the last time you've watched a pick up ball game and seen someone fall on their ass/back? Huh, anyone? That's right, never. Flopping is a move that isn't used for play or gaining an edge on the field, it's a move used soley to influence the ref. And that's fucking weak. That's the one thing I just can't stand about soccer, it's like a full team of Manu GinĂ³bilis running around. /rant

It looks like the Italian dude gave Zidane a nipple tweak. And there's been talk that he was trash talking about Zidane's mother. His dying mother. Possibly with racist coments. So that Italian fucker is a bitch.

That being said, Zidane let himself get baited into it. He's got to know better, did he deserve to get thrown out? Probably. But that greasy Italian fucker probably had it coming (and more).

The announcer was annoying. At first it looked like neither the main ref or the sideline judges saw the play, but after it was showed on the scoreboard at the stadium, they issued the red card. The announcer kept going on and on about how the ref has to go by what he saw on the field and not the scoreboard. Really? Why is that? So if so if someone kicks someone else in the balls only the refs don't see it, its okay? Really? If the ref sees it on the big screen he has to pretend like he didn't? I know what the guy is going for, but the ref made the correct call of kicking Zidane out. If the video helped him, so what? It was away from the ball and the play. Is it cool to maul someone away from the action? That's how it works?

The head butt, now with nipple tweak:

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