Thursday, July 13, 2006

Drew Gooden Gone?

It seems to be getting more and more likely says ABJ's Brian Windhorst:

After a meeting in which the two sides exchanged numbers this week showed a wide disparity, Gooden's representatives are beginning to believe they might have to explore a sign-and-trade to get what they perceive as Gooden's market value.

"Market Value" means "Hey, Nene got $60 million for 6 years, and that guy played 3 minutes last year. Gimme money."

If you've read this blog for any amount of time you know that I'm not the biggest Drew Gooden fan. The short of it is, that I think he's too inconsistent and I'm not sure if he's the banger the Cavs and James need.

I'm not opposed to keeping Drew, but I don't want to be paying a guy who doesn't play crunch time $10 million a season. Do I advocate just letting him go? No, but a sign and trade might be the answer. Plus, it could shake up the roster a bit; if the Cavs go into next season with the only new additions being the draft picks, I'll be less than pleased.

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