Monday, July 24, 2006

Let's Hope Roger Brown Is Wrong


If the Cavs really are interested in pulling a sign-and-trade deal with Drew Gooden, their free-agent power forward, they'd better be ready to take a pretty bad contract off another team's hands in return. How bad? How does the one belonging to malcontent Denver Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin ($63 million over the next four seasons) strike you? Or that of major New York Knicks flop Jerome James ($17.4 million through 2008-09)?"

I'm not sure how correct Brown is here. The Cavs don't want to sign Drew Gooden to a huge contract because they don't think he's worth big dollars. So to get out paying Gooden big dollars, they trade him away for a overpaid, overrated power forward? Huh? That doesn't make sense.

Assuming they have to take a bad contract in return, why couldn't/wouldn't they take an overpaid point guard (or any other posistion)?

Hell, the Nuggets might want to be dropping Andre Miller's contract as well as Kenyon Martin. If you're talking with Denver, why not go for Miller?

So yea, if the Cavs do a sign-and-trade with Gooden, they have to get some kind of contract comparable to Gooden's, so of course they'll be taking back salary. But it doesn't have to be dead weight like Martin or James.


Amar said...

Roger Brown is out of control. He has been for many years now. Yet the PD continues to employ him. I just don't get it.

Reason #29604 that the Plain Dealer sucks.

Ben said...

Ya, how he still has a job is beyond me. Hmm... you know what we need? A columnist who hates the players and teams in Cleveland, that would be great. He can just piss off the fans and the players of Cleveland and then rip Z and Jhonny Peralta for not being Shaq and Derek Jeter respectively. Awesome