Monday, July 24, 2006

Everybody's Doin' the Fish

I was in Columbus this weekend for a doctors appointment (follow up for the shoulder... I'll be able to play contact sports in 2 months, basketball shall be played) and a friends birthday.

On my way down, I was deciding what to put on my ipod and I realized I hadn't played any Reel Big Fish in awhile, so I put on Turn the Radio Off and Why do They Rock so Hard? Wow.

If you were on 71 South between 9:30 and 11:30 on Friday morning then you saw what happened. I was the guy in the Honda, speeding, singing his lungs out. I went nuts. I put the albums on and before I realize it, I'm screaming along with the lyrics and doin some weird driving dance.

I felt like I was 17 and speeding though Hudson, not some overweight bearded dude driving to a follow up on my shoulder surgery. It was sweet. Reel Big Fish is probably my favorite band. I just fucking love these guys, I've seen them play at least 5 times, the last time (this past summer) my friends and I actually met the band and got autographs. (For those wondering, yes, I know they were at the House of Blues in Cleveland a few weeks ago, however: I am poor. I have no money. I did not attend.

Anyways, here's some RBF videos I found:

their first:

their hit:

their famous cover:

their latest:


Gregg in Albuquerque said...

Thanks for the videos of Reel Big Fish. Another band you might want to check out is Bowling for Soup, their CD "A hangover you don't deserve" is great. Give it a listen

Ben said...

I can't say I've ever listened to a BfS CD, but I like what I've heard on the radio. From what I've heard I've enjoyed to a certain extent, but I didn't really feel the need to seek out more of their stuff, if that makes sense.