Monday, July 03, 2006

Free Agency News

Bobby Jackson and his old Serbian teammate have joined forces in New Orleans. I was never too interested in Peja, but I thought Jackson would've been a nice fit for the Cavs. Of course they have like 34 guards on the team right now, so they may not be in the market for a point right at this second. But Jackson is a vetern who is quick and can score for multiple places on the floor; not exactly a Cavs strong point.

It was said that the Cavs were interested in Vlad Radmanovic and he went to the Lakers. The Lakers were interested in another Clipper, Sam Cassell (who I was interested in, even if Cleveland's brass wasn't), but Cassell re-signed with the 'other' Los Angeles team. The Clippers quickly replaced Radmanovic (who I thought was a perfect fit for that team) with former Sun, Buck, Bull, Knick, and hell, every team, Tim Thomas. Man, he sure knows how to play for a contract doesn't he? (the Cassell and Thomas news are all in the same link above).

Somehow Joel Przybilla is getting interest from not only Portland, his current team, but with Chicago, San Antonio, Sacramento and Cleveland. What the hell? Joel Pryzbilla? Why? Last year he played in 56 games and averaged 6 points and 7 rebounds. Awesome. There's going to be a bidding war on this white stiff. My lord.

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