Friday, July 14, 2006


bye bye Weezer


Metamorphosis of Life said...

No really, its not that sad. Their first two albums are landmarks. Weezer 2001 (aka the Green album) follows closely in the same vein and, IMHO is a very quality album...although others would argue that point. If they would have stopped there, everything would have been fine. But the decided to make Maladroit and Make Believe. I never got into Maladroit and I didn't even bother buying MB based on the suckiness that is Beverly Hills. It is very much like any sports figure who has had a successful (potential HOFer) career but decides to keep playing. The numbers are usually not there and it takes away from the greatness of their career (think MJ in DC).

Metamorphosis of Life said...
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Ben said...

Sad probably wasn't the best term to use. And I didn't really mean 'sad' as in "I'm sad there will be no new Weezer albums" but 'sad' as in "now I won't get to see Weezer in concert"

Personally, I liked Maladroit, true it wasn't as good as the first three (I liked the Green Album as well), but it was a quality album IMO.

I do own Make Believe ($7.99 at Best Buy) and now it is just taking up space in my CD binder. It wasn't awful... just not good.