Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Cavs Stuff

Since the Magic hired Brian Hill (again) and the Sixers finally got Maurice Cheeks it looks like the Cavs are the only bidders for Eric Musselman (who I like).

My personal preference, David Morway (from Indy) as the GM and Musselman as the coach (assuming we can't get a Jerry West-Phil Jackson combo).

Also, it looks like Gilbert really likes idea of Larry Brown becoming the GM. I'm not sure how I feel about this... I mean, Brown was the guy who didn't recognize that LeBron and Amare were his two best players this past summer during the Olympics... how good is he at evaulating talent?

Finally, it looks like Mark Price won't be returning to FSN Ohio for Cavs games next year so he can be with his family. Which is too bad, I idolized Price as a kid, he was my favorite player, and truth be told, he did start the year off pretty shakey as the Cavs broadcaster. But as the season wore on he got a rhythm and a voice and did a pretty decent job towards the end. I was kinda hoping he'd stick around for a few years (and maybe teach the team how to shoot fuckin freethrows!).

I have no idea who Cavs will replace Price with, I'm just praying it isn't Austin Carr...

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Anonymous said...

The Cavs need to hire Craig Freaking Ehlo, but thats just me.... nugget