Friday, May 13, 2005


Right now I'm taking Geology 105, the geology of the National Parks. It sucks, I know it sucks, but I need the credit, I'm pretty sure no one in there is taking it for the hell of it.

There's this douch who sits near me sometimes, and lately he's been flirting with this one chick the entire class. I first noticed this kid because he looks like Michael Jackson, white style. Long hair, skinny, pale, gay looking beard, and he has an upturned nose. Needless to say, this kid sucks.

The entire time during class he bitches about how lame the teachers are. They are two old guy who teach geology, of course they're lame. Excelent observation. I give these guys credit, they know what they're teachin is boring and they crack cheesy jokes all the time, it keeps kids awake and quasi-interested.

But the Smooth Criminal thinks they're dumb, and he voices his opinon to this dumb bitch every 5 seconds. And she either likes his schtick (actual line: my mom is funnier) or she's too nice to tell him to shut the fuck up.

I don't particularly care for Geology, I'm pissed I have to take it too. But ya know what? I actually try to concentrate in the class because I don't want to have to read the boring ass book in my free time. The less time I actually have to spend thinking about Geology the better.

To summarize, if you hate the class, do me the decency of not showing up. Or if you must show up, do the polite thing and fall asleep like any normal person. Finally, if you look like Michael Jackson you can either: A) get a fucking hair cut B) shoot yourself.

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