Monday, May 16, 2005

LeBron or Wade

ESPN (I can't figure out how to link to their SportsCenter poll) has been going with this all day today (basically because there's no NBA games today due to the Heat sweep of the Wizards).

Wade is a great player. Yes, great, not good. But there's no way you would take Wade over 'Bron. ESPN had a few guys say if they are starting a franchise they pick LeBron, but if they want to win tomorrow they pick Wade. Huh? LeBron had better point, rebound and assist averages than Wade. I know James has yet to perform in the playoffs, but in the way he performed down the stretch do you think he'd be a post season flop?

Also, Bill Walton made a ridiculous coment the other day about, aside from Shaq, LeBron has better teammates than Wade. What? I can debunk this with one name, Damon Jones. He hits open jump shots and 3's, which means he can do something no one on the Cavs can do. But lets go with another name, Eddie Jones, he's made all star teams in the past. Again, something no other Cavalier has done.

Finally, ask youself if LeBron James and Dwayne Wade were to switch teams, which team would be better off? You're kidding youself if you say the Cavs. If the Cavs offered James for Wade straight up would the Heat make the deal? If the Heat offered the same deal would the Cavs take it (discounting James' hometown appeal)? Come on, the Cavs would never make that deal in a million years, but the Heat would do it yesterday.

This argument is stupid.

Both are great players, but LeBron is the better of the 2.

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