Thursday, May 12, 2005

Suns-Mavs tied 1-1

Great game, Mavs won 108-106.

Maybe I'm just trying to defend one of the only good white players in the NBA, or maybe I think Dirk (and guys like CWebb) get picked on too much, butI have some thoughts on Dirk Nowitzki.

I knew the TNT guys were going to bitch about Dirk not having a better game; for not scoring much in the fourth. Barkley actually said, "I know Dirk had 23 and 12, but the only one that counted was the last 2." Now, maybe I'm missing something here, but the guy had 20 plus points and 10 plus rebounds, PLUS hit the game winning shot. And the first thing after the game is criticism. Wow.

Dirk ripped on Dampier (who basically dropped a big turd on the court in game 1) for not producing (15 min, 0 points). And Dirk got bitched at for calling the guy (a big turd dropper) out. But wait, everyone complains about Dirk not being a vocal enough leader. So what is it? Should Dirk call out his teammates or shut up. Cause I'm confused.

The Mavs have run alot of post ups the entire post season, trying to use Dirk's height to their advantage. But I haven't seen the Mavs use Dirk in the post THAT often during the regular season. I haven't seen Dirk take any threes (I haven't watched every play) in the second round, and not that many versus Houston. Dirk isn't a great post up guy, he's okay, but he is good off the dribble and spotting up for jumpers (2s or 3s). So maybe if the Mavs would set some picks for him, Dirk would have one of those 30 point games.

Okay, enough on the Mavs and such. Peace

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