Sunday, May 29, 2005

Longest Yard

First off, I've never seen the first Longest Yard, so I saw Sandler's version untainted by movie history. Will I see the origional? Probably. Will it probably be a better movie? Yea. But I got to see the remake without nitpicking over every change in dialoge and detail. Bill Simmons didn't have that option.

Not surprisingly, I like The Longest Yard remake. I like Sandler movies. Are they ground breaking? No. Grand comedic adventures or witty satires? No. Good movies? Not all of them. But I enjoy them. This was a better movie than some of them (Little Nicky, Anger Management), but not as good as others (Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Wedding Singer or even Big Daddy).

Some of the parts were over the top, but you what your gettin into (a freakin Adam Sandler movie) then you'll probably like. Highlights for me were Sandler's drunken car chase, Dan Patricks mustasche, convicts and their running gags, Michael Irvin/Jim Rome/Chris Bermon cameos, Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, 'Blue' from Old School, the classic 'one guy from every Adam Sandler movie ever' playing the ref, Courtney Cox's gigantic breasts (seriously, what the fuck, those were bigger than my head) and the obligatory Rob Schnieder "you can do it!" scene.

At the end of the day, it's a middle of the road Sandler flick. If you know what to expect comin in then you'll enjoy it. If you're hoping for one of the greatest sports movies of all time (like the origional)..... good luck with all that.

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