Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Fixing the NBA and NFL

Josh Elliot proposes some rule changes for the NFL and Chris Ballard does the same for the NBA.

Elliot's NFL rules:
1. No more sudden death OT
2. No more cut blocking
3. Ground can cause a fumble
4. Max pass-interference penalty is 15 yards
5. One foot inbounds is a catch
6. Force outs are legal
7. No fair catches
8. No first down line on the TV

Most of these are pretty good/common sense, like 1, 2 and 3. I really hate how the ground can't cause a fumble, that is the dumbest thing in the league (besides Brian Greise- HEYO). I mean, if landing makes you lose the football... how is that you had control of the ball? It doesn't make sense.

I got no problem with 4 either way, I don't mind it that much, though I do kinda think its unfair to tackle a reciever before he catches a 50 yard bomb to just get penalized 15 yards...

5 and 6 Elliot calls the yin-yang rules. Personally, I like the fact that you need both feet inbounds, it makes it much more difficult, which is good. As for the force outs... I'm not sure, I mean, what if I'm a linebacker and I catch Wayne Cherbet before he lands and carry him out of bounds? It's an extreme example... but how would you police that?

7 is dumb, no fair catches? Didn't the XFL try this? And 8?! Losing the first down line, are you kidding me, I love that thing, if you want to make a change the lines make CBS take off it's stupid blue 'line of scrimage.' That thing just confuses the snot out of me.

As for the NBA changes...

1. No more jump balls, just possesion arrows
2. Time outs are 20 seconds or 40 seconds
3. Instant replay late in the game
4. Tied after 2 OTs? Decide it with a shootout
5. Players can carry the ball to make moves more explosive (JOKE)
6. First round of the playoffs are best of 5
7. 4-pointers from 35 feet or further
8. End of the defensive 3 in the key
9. No charges in the backcourt (the Derek Fisher rule)
10. Six fouls isn't an automatic disqualification

Okay, numbers 2, 3, 6 and 8 are the most likely to get implemented, if any will. The best of 5 first round series and the defensive 3 seconds are the most no brain things in the world. The D3 calls lead to uncalled for play stopages and the 7 game first round series just takes way too long. Plus a 5 game series can lead to more upsets (which is always a good thing).

I'm indifferent to rule 1. Possesion arrows or jump balls? Who cares? I think he has something with rule 10, but I'm not sure if his details are right. I agree, I think it is stupid that basketball is the only game that takes it's players out of the game (and usually at the most cruical moments). I do believe a player or team should be penalized for a player going over a pre-set foul limit, but players shouldn't have to leave the games for good.

As for rule 9, I would just over haul the entire way they do the charge system. Cause a charge is meant for the defensive guy to hold his ground, so the offensive guy doesn't just 'charge' over him. Guys get rewarded for undercutting streaking players and just getting in the way. It's not good defense, it's just drawing a foul. If you wouldn't make that play on the playground, you shouldn't get rewarded for it in a NBA game.

Rules 4 and 7 are the most absurd things I've heard in my life. A shootout? Have you ever watched the end of a bball game? It is a shootout, if you make you free throws you win, if you don't you go home. But a 4 pointer? Why would anyone thing this is a good idea? A ton of guys never venture into the key as it is, why would Antoine Walker venture inside 30 feet if he could shoot 'quads' all game. Ugh...

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