Saturday, May 28, 2005

Sith Stuff

I saw the movie, I enjoyed it. It is what it is. An entertaining sci-fi film that has a nice mix of mythology and action (with some poor dialog).

There's been a bunch of talk about the not so vague politcal undertones in the movie. Is Episode III anti-Bush? I don't think it's more anti-Bush as it is anti-dictator. So if that comes off as being anti-Bush.... There are many people a lot smarter than me who see GWB's polcies as anti-democratic. The one party rule, the lack of public oversight into their polcies (or elections), the war in Iraq (and how it began), changing the rules of the senate to keep key people (DeLay) in or to try to get anyone they want onto the courts.

So Episode III is a anti-Bush movie. And Bush must be the Emperor. So that makes the Jedi liberals. So what do some right-wingers do? Start defending the Sith.

I just wanted to bring this to your attention, there's some great stuff on this here.

Also, Orson Scott Card is one of my favorite authors, ever. But he's gone off the deep end recently, first with the Star Wars shit and now this.

The thing that seperates me from my conservative cohorts however, is that I'm not going to boycott his books (or new Enders Game movie?) because I don't like his politcal views. Ah, that's right, freedom of speech... awesome. As for the other side: Don't go see the new Chris Rock movie.

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