Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cavs Free Throws

Mistake by the Lake breaks down the Cavs free throw problems:

If the Cavaliers were simply average at free throws, they could expect to have won an extra three games this year—a surprisingly big improvement. That's over five wins over the course of 82 games. An average free throwing Cavaliers squad would be the best team in the Eastern Conference (of course, they're already pretty close). And let's not forget the case of the Cavaliers being the best free throwers in the NBA. If that were true, they'd have the best record in the East by an even bigger margin and third-best in the NBA behind Phoenix and Dallas.
They also have a run down of the key shooters:
One thing we can say for Drew's free throw shooting is that it has been inconsistent. This year, he's actually shooting it pretty well from the foul line--certainly better than last year.
Really? Drew Gooden? Inconsistent? I don't believe it.

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