Monday, February 05, 2007

Random Thoughts from the Weekend

1. Hey everybody, I'm back. I went to Columbus for the weekend for the Super Bowl and other debaucheries.

2. Sorry for not posting for a few days (especially after the games), I hate it when sites I read stop updating for (seemingly) no reason. In the future I'll let you guys know before hand.

3. In my defense, I'm not used to leaving the blog and having people notice (or at least voice their displeasure). It's kinda neat.

4. re: Super Bowl: I thought the Bears were going to win, I didn't see Colts defense playing as well as they did. I figured the Bears D could hold their own with the Colts offense. Guess I'm a moron.

5. Am I the only one that was kinda bored during the game? The Super Bowl is always like New Years Eve. Every New Years Eve I get super hyped cause I'm "gonna party" and I get all psyched out and excited for that night. More often than not I have a relatively harmless evening and I'm bummed out cause it wasn't super-ultra-mega-awesome. Same thing with the Super Bowl, with all the hype that goes on, the game can never live up to expectations. I'm pretty sure I need 25 lead changes, a last second field goal, a tragic halftime explosion and a commercial featuring all 4 Beatles alive and hawking the new Sgt Pepper iPod to feel fulfilled after watching the Super Bowl.

6. However, it couldn't hurt if the Browns played in one every now and then.

7. I wasn't old or aware enough to really feel the pain of the Elway losses. Come on Browns, I need some crushing playoff losses to go along with my baseball and basketball tragedies. All I really have with the Browns is second hand disappointments (the 80s) and disappoint drafts. I need more heartbreak! Come on Savage!

8. This was probably the best commercial. The guy is a douche, but props to making fun of yourself. Dave and Oprah was also good.

9. re:Halftime show: I got no problem with Prince, but it didn't really feel relevant, did it? I mean, I like the guy and he's supremely talented but it was a night of cover songs and suggestive shadows. In their, I'm not sure who the NFL could have that I'd be like, "yes! fucking awesome, well done everyone involved". If the NFL had any young popular(ish) group play halftime, it would just feel forced and it would look like the NFL was trying to be hip.

10. I know, the Pussycat Dolls!

11. What the hell is the thinking here? That maybe some 13 year old girl will be flipping through, see the Pussycat Dolls and stick around to watch Rasheed Wallace launch threes? ABC sucks.

12. They really do.

13. I don't think that word means what you think it means. More here.

14. Carl Monday is switching over to Channel 19 news so he can stop producing rubbish and start more meaningful investigations. Ya, because Channel 19 is full of class.

15. Has anyone heard of Michael Ware? I saw him on CNN this weekend (here's part 1). Really sobering, not exactly a pick-me-up but unbelievably fascinating.

16. Brian Windhorst lived blogged the Detroit-Cleveland game. The poor bastard....

17. His final thoughts:
That's five straight losses on national television and all have been pretty undressing in one way or another. It's no wonder the Cavs don't get much respect, they haven't earned very much. This is another game where the Cavs' flaws were displayed. Today they were simply outclassed, from the superstar on down. They have a lot of work to do and a long way to go. We knew this before, we still know it.
Can't really disagree with that.

18. Windhorst doesn't think Gibson is the answer, at least this year. His problem? Gibson doesn't get enough assists:

Yet his wiring is to look to shoot first, and it shows. In the Cavs' win in Philadelphia on Jan. 26, a game in which Gibson ran the point down the stretch in the comeback, he said after the game that a pivotal moment for him emotionally was when he passed the ball to Larry Hughes, and Hughes passed it back to him.

He said it showed his teammates trusted him. Actually, what it showed is he doesn't like to pass because he's afraid he'll never get the ball back
I think thats a little unfair (I mean, it is good that his teammates give him the ball back, it does show trust) but I see his point. It would also help if the Cavs let Gibson play point alone, not sharing duties with Hughes and LeBron.

19. Speaking of Hughes... from the previous article:
It will probably not happen before this month's trading deadline, but at some point in the foreseeable future, the Cavs probably are going to have to make a major trade because they are not maximizing the potential in their pieces. The way things look, the guy who is most likely to go is Hughes.

Hughes is not happy with his role on the team, and that has become more apparent as this season has dragged on. He hasn't done so publicly, but privately he's been grumbling about the way he's used, and he is upset because it isn't the situation he thought he was signing up for when he left the Washington Wizards.

He'd like to have more freedom offensively and defensively, as he did in Washington.

But the organization can't be thrilled, either. Of course, the injuries are an issue. But in the offseason, the Cavs revamped their offense with an eye toward making Hughes more effective.

It hasn't worked that way. He's averaging his fewest points in four seasons and shooting just 40 percent. He has turned primarily into a jump shooter.

That was understandable when he was coming back from leg injuries, but he has declared himself healthy, and many of the shots look ill-advised. The rest of his stats are down as well.

The Cavs usually play their best when Hughes is playing his best. He has value and importance. But based on his 74 games with the Cavs, including the playoffs, it hasn't been the marriage all had planned.

I would not be shocked to see Hughes dealt in the offseason. Maybe paving the way for

20. Sasha Pavlovic?:

Many fans clamor for more playing time for Sasha Pavlovic, who is in one of his hot streaks, and they wonder why Brown doesn't use him more. The Cavs' coach provided the answer Saturday in retelling a conversation he had with Pavlovic earlier this season. Brown told Pavlovic that he didn't ``respect his game'' and, therefore, didn't play him much. James' recent toe injury provided a chance that Pavlovic is using well, especially on the defensive end. But Brown's feelings mean Pavlovic will still be on a short leash.
Um, can Brown really be going around telling players that he doesn't respect their game? They don't respect his offensive game plan (zing!).

21. Could Brown's job be on the line? Yes?

22. Damon Jones is going to be in the 3-point contest. I'm already excited:

23. I mentioned this in the Piston wrap up, but I think this bears repeating (from Livingston):
People lay on the court, dressed as portions of hamburgers, while two fans raced each other to fetch fake toppings and condiments during a third-quarter timeout at The Q Sunday. A friend, looking on in puzzlement, asked, "When did the Cavaliers become Single-A baseball?"
He's right. You go to a game at The Q and you are bombarded with stuff. A live band, a break dance team (on the concourse), face painting, sign making, a flaming score board and that bastard Moondog. I've said this before and I'll say it again, have you ever heard anyone talk about the Bulls cheerleaders during the Jordan era? I know you need other things at the arena to keep kids interested and casual fans coming- I get this. But part of me feels like that they're putting the cart before the horse here. Put a good, exciting team on the court and fans are going to come.

24. Stupid:
With 1:44 left, Cleveland gets the ball, trailing 83-73. The Quicken Loans public address echoes with "Deee-troit turnover," mocking a famous Pistons slogan.
That is dumb as hell. First of all, your team is down 10 with less than two minutes, it's not exactly a good time to mock the other team. This is the same team that beat you off the court in last seasons playoffs. Also, the Pistons killed the Cavs earlier in the season. The Cavalier organization is in no position to be mocking the Pistons. It was embarrassing to see.

25. Livingston (link above) says that the Cavs need a point guard (no shit) and Jamal Mashburn thinks that LeBron should play point forward (no). I'm with Barkley on this, LeBron should be trying to get easy baskets, he's a finisher. He's so big and strong, it doesn't make sense for him to be distributing and getting the ball outside the 3 point line. For the love of God, put him in the post, put him in the pick and roll (setting the pick, the horror!) and let him move without the ball. The offense stalls when he gets the ball (not really surprising) and they need to find ways to get him the ball in better spots, not bringing the ball up.

26. I'd like to see LeBron sit some as well.

27. Ohio State beat Michigan State, in East Lansing. Pretty neat.

28. This about sums up how I feel about the whole Boston-terror-Aquateen bullshit.

29. and if #28 didn't do it, this might do.

30. Last week I posted a bunch of videos by The Fratellis. As I listened to more of their music, the more they reminded me of The Coral. The Coral can be a little weirder (or at least not as straight forward rock) but they are awesome. Enjoy:

'Dreaming of You' off of The Coral

'Bill McCai' off of Magic and Medicine

'In the Morning' off of Invisible Invasion


Matt Senne said...

Thanks for the D. Jones news, I am frickin excited to see him win it!

As far as the Aqua Teen deal, the mayor should gett fired (impeached?) for trying to assign blame where none is due. Mistakes were made - deal with that.

And on the Pussycat Dolls tip, not only do I hate that they are there, but why did CLE have to get that skanky redhead? How come old-skool Kobe got the one with the nice silicone job?

Ben said...

I noticed the skanky redhead as well. All the other chicks were normal dance team quality- you know, cute and super hot.

But the Cleveland chick? A bit whorish.