Thursday, February 01, 2007

I'm OK with this

A Troy Smith second round selection would not be a bad thing. If the Browns do draft Smith in the second round, I really hope that they would have selected Joe Thomas in round 1. A Thomas- Smith combo isn't a bad first day.

Now, if they can't get Thomas and "settle" for Adrian Peterson and create a Peterson-Smith combo, well... my feelings will be mixed. On one hand you'll have two sexy picks and you'd create an offense around the following players: Troy Smith, Adrian Peterson, Braylon Edwards, Kellen Winslow Jr and Joe Jurevicius/Josh Cribbs. I can't really complain about that- that's a pretty stacked lineup.

The flip side here is that, once again, the Browns would have neglected the line(s) in favor for skill position players. They need young talent on that line. Plus, it doesn't really matter who's in the backfield if the line doesn't block (lets not forget the fact that a few times last year Frye was tackled while handing the ball off. That's terrible).


Erik said...

I'd be fine with Smith in the second round. But he had better be sandwiched between offensive line picks.

(Maybe his dud in the national title game will be a blessing in disguise, dropping him to the second round.)

I'm getting to the point that I might not even be satisfied with Peterson. That line is abysmal, and as long as the Browns do not commit high draft picks to it, this team will continue to churn out 4-12 seasons with coaching changes once every three years.

There isn't enough antacid in the world to make that bearable.

Andy said...

I am hoping I see the Lions pass on Thomas. The Browns have to draft him or trade the pick for two later picks in the first round. If they take Peterson with their first rounder, then I cannot see Troy Smith coming to Cleveland. Cleveland will have to take an offensive lineman in round two (to make me happy).

If the Browns don't improve the offensive line in the draft, I may cancel my DirecTV Sunday Ticket. I'm tired of just complaining about how bad the O-line is every year. It's time to show the fans that the Browns are going to do something about it.

Please Detroit... draft Brady Quinn or another wide receiver so I can laugh my ass off.

Ben said...

I think my thoughts on the Browns draft are pretty well known, but I would rather them draft a lineman. If it's Peterson, I'm still not pleased, but I can understand it. If it's Brady Quinn or Calvin Johnson, I'm going hurt something.

If they go the first two rounds without a lineman, I'm boycotting the team. I don't know if I'll be done for the long haul, but at least a season.

Who doesn't want hear those magic words "With the second pick, the Detroit Lions select Calvin Johnson, wide receiver, Georgia Tech" ?? I know I do.