Thursday, February 22, 2007

Where are the Cavs on the trade front?

Here's what we got so far:

Windhorst says that Ferry is pushing hard to land Mike Bibby

Newsday's Ken Berger says Bibby is being dealt, it's only a matter of 'where'.

Marc Stein says the Bibby deal still isn't close and the Cavs are trying to find a third team's Ian Thompson said the Kings already passed on a deal with Cleveland, though there is still hope's Adrian Wojnarowski says that the Cavs are desperately trying to get Bibby's Peter Schrager says that big names are likely to stay put.

A random poster on said that the Suns play by play guys announced a Bibby deal last night but said it was unconfirmed.

One more note: in all these scenarios, the player that the Cavs part with is Drew Gooden. I'm OK with this.


BW said...

This day is going to be soooo long. Im sitting here at work with nothing to do and anxiously awaiting any trades before the deadline. I dont mind a gooden for bibby swap but i would be reluctant to give away pavs or gibson. Both have more upside than larry hughes who obviously is not meshing (playing?) well given his role on the team. I think Anderson is without a doubt our starting power forward next year. Averageing 15/11 in 3 starts and already put up great numbers/hustle off the bench. I cant believe im saying this, but Ferry will be a hero if he can land Bibby before 3 today.

Ben said...

A lot of people think with Anderson playing well, it means Z is out of here. I don't think so, I think it numbers the days left for Drew Gooden.

And I'm with ya on the day being long... I'm checking sites every 15 minutes hoping for some kind of breaking news.

Erik said...

It's frustrating in a way because I know the Cavs desperately need a point guard like Bibby if they ever want to become a Finals-caliber team, but in order to get Bibbly, they are going to have to make their bench thinner and probably trade Gooden.

The Cavs can absorb the loss of Gooden, but dang it if the play of Gooden and Varejao didn't pretty much win the game for the Cavs in Toronto last night.

The Cavs lead the league in offensive rebounding for two reasons: 1) They are loaded with piss-poor perimeter shooters who chip paint off the rim and 2) they have Z, Gooden, Varejao and to a lesser extent Marshall to clean up the misses.

Losing Gooden to gain Bibby would certainly add the offensive QB this team absolutely needs, but it would also add another inconsistent outside shooter while taking away some of the rebounding power.

There is no way around it: To make the backcourt better, they are going to have to thin their bench out and give up a rather large frontcourt piece. That means Varejao starting and more Marshall.

Though maybe an all-hands-on-deck approach to the frontcourt would actually be beneficial for Marshall. It would force him to stay down low and fight for rebounds as opposed to camping out on the arc.

Bad Becks said...

I can't wait for 3pm b/c I'm already sick of refreshing the webpages looking or updates!

Anonymous said...

I'm crossing my fingers for Bibby!!

In his live chat at 12PM, Chad Forde says that he doesn't think we'll be able to swing it.