Saturday, February 17, 2007

Scottie Pippen?

One of the questions that has dogged LeBron James during his first four NBA seasons is who will become his perfect sidekick, ``his Scottie Pippen,'' as fans and pundits like to pose.

How about Scottie Pippen?

Using the All-Star festivities this weekend as a pedestal, the former Chicago Bulls great and running mate to Michael Jordan is making it known that he's attempting a comeback. And he's targeting the Cavs as a potential destination.

Should the Cavs give him a call? Probably, but I'm not sure how well this will work. The Cavs just getting used to their new lineup changes (more Pavs and Gibson) and I'm not sure how much Pippen would screw that up.

If the Cavs are going to go after a washed up point forward, I'd like them to call Penny Hardaway. Both guys insist they are healthy, but Penny actually had a bone spur removed, so he has proof.

All in all, I wouldn't expect much from either of these guys. But again, should the Cavs at least take a flyer? Sure. Assuming both guys can play, Pippen is obviously the choice. He's won, he's played with Jordan and he can show LeBron the effort it takes to win every night (and in the playoffs). The problem is that if Pippen can't play, how much would LeBron be deferring (out of respect) to a guy who is over the hill and washed up.

If nothing else, Pippen is forcing me to watch the NBA's Shooting Stars competition tonight, just to see how the guy looks. This will be the first time I've watched any event including WNBA player since Cleveland's dark horse candidates Wesley Person and Michelle Edwards came in 7th place in the NBA's first 2Ball competition way back in 1998. Thanks so much Scottie.

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