Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Random Thoughts from the Weekend (belated)

1. RE: All-Star Weekend. I guess I enjoyed Saturday a lot more than most. I actually watched the whole thing, even the 2ball/Shooting Stars/WNBA crap (just to see how good Pippen looked).

2. He looked no worse than Eric Snow and David Wesley, I'll tell ya what.

3. The game stunk. There's no way around it; guys didn't care, players were chucking up terrible shots and they acted like they weren't even keeping score.

4. ESPN Classic was showing old All-Star games and I saw the end of the 1993 game. The East's lineup? Isiah Thomas, Mark Price, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Patrick Ewing. The weird thing was that they were running plays and playing defense yet ALSO having fun. What happened to that?

5. Plus Shaq was skinny. Now he's done.

6. Bud Shaw didn't care for the All-Star game either. Not that I'm surprised. Though I will give him props for this line: " Wayne Newton's new face: leather or microfiber composite?"

7. LeBron and Microsoft are teaming up. Meh.

8. It's too bad LeBron is stuck in Cleveland, if only the kid could get an endorsement deal every now and then.

9. Speaking of LeBron's endorsements, Bill Livingston basically wrote a giant Nike ad and placed in the middle of the Plain Dealer's Sunday sports section. Really? The LeBrons? There was nothing else to talk about?

10. Brian Windhorst smacked down my "A" is for Akron idea.

11. That Akron post was linked to by Deadspin yesterday and I am still getting a ton of traffic today. It's nuts. Come back often people.

12. I mentioned Carlos Boozer's acne in my Utah recap last week and the Cavalier has a pic and a steroid theory.

13. Charley Rosen previews the second half of the NBA season and *surprise!* he hates on the Cavs. Rosen has had it out for LeBron and the Cavs ever since he predicted that LeBron would nothing more than an average NBA player.

14. I don't believe people really think that Wayne Embry was a 'bad trader', I just think he robbed me of seeing Ron Harper and the Cavs in the 90s. The Johnson/West for Nance/Sanders deal was pretty sweet. (And his trade for Kemp wasn't too bad either).

15. Watching Jason Kapono win the 3-point shootout reminded me of another player the Cavs let slip away in the expansion draft: Dell Curry.

16. Could you imagine a Cavs roster featuring Mark Price, Ron Harper, Dell Curry, Larry Nance, Brad Daugherty with Craig Ehlo, Steve Kerr and Hot Rod Williams coming off the bench? I can. Often.

17. I am loving the Dane Cook backlash.

18. Speaking of things that aren't funny...

19. Atrios discussed religion a lot last week and I found it very interesting. (they're all short posts)

20. I've been debating whether or not to even discuss this, but here we go: I have a few friends go to Iraq, but they've all come back safely. I haven't had any personal loss with the war. But a girl I took to Homecoming my junior (sophomore maybe?) just had her husband die over there. Now, I haven't talked to this girl since high school (the dance didn't exactly go well) but just hearing that news made my heard just drop. I dunno man... I just don't know.

21. In the same vein, reading shit like this and this (and this, all these and this) just makes me want to vomit.

22. Good for Murtha. Pissing people off.

23. I know the quotes are cherry picked, but still. Creepy is right.

24. McCain is done. So is Hilary (obviously not yet, but I can't imagine them winning their respective primaries. I won't exactly shed a tear).

25. The Indians are in Winter Haven, so you know time it is? Time to Fire Wedge Now.

26. All I know is, the Indian's Plan seems to involve too much Casey Blake.

27. I knew the Tribe was in a tough division, but really?

28. Mark Schwab is probably the only WTAM host I can stand (besides Mike Snyder, who does the Cavs halftime and postgame).

29. Latest mock drafts: ESPN's Todd McShay and SI's Don Banks both have the Browns taking Adrian Peterson. I'm okay with that pick, as long they address the line in the first day.

30. Happy birthday to the Ton-o-War (Ben W).

31. Because Ben asked before: re: Church League- we got whooped last night by 40 points (to be fair, it was only 25ish before we decided to go zone on a team of shooters in the last 5 minutes. That didn't work). Personally, I played decently, scoring 11 points on a team that scored 32 or 34.

32. What should we do? Well, first of I'd recommend more Ben Cox post action. But honestly? Our big problem is ball control. When we take care of the ball, spread it around and take good shots, we do alright and get back on D pretty well. But when we take quick shots (and Larry Hughes-esque quick long shots) it leads to breaks and we can turn a 5 point deficit into a 15 point one in 3 minutes. I'm not saying we should play Mike Fratello circa 1995 style but we can't think we're the Suns.

33. I'm going to be in New York City from Thursday through Sunday and there's a 99% chance I won't have a recap for the Cavs-Bulls game on Thursday night, so consider yourself warned (I'm not sure if I'd really want to watch it anyways, I can only take so much orange). Though I should be good to go for Wednesday's game versus Toronto and Sunday's Heat game (Miami again?).

34. Speaking of Sunday, I share a birthday with George Harrison (thus making me awesome). Harrison is probably my favorite Beatle, here's 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' off of the new Love album (those strings are gorgeous) and Ringo's tribute to George titled 'Never Without You' (it's full of Beatles quotes).

While My Guitar Gently Weeps (acoustic)

Never Without You

35. As for new music, I'm getting into Badly Drawn Boy's new CD Born in the U.K. I first heard BDB in college and I'd really recommend checking out his first album The Hour of the Bewilderbeast, his soundtrack to About a Boy and Have You Fed the Fish?.

'Once Around the Block' from The Hour of the Bewilderbeast (if you don't find this song at least a little catchy, you officially have no soul)

'Silent Sigh' from the About a Boy soundtrack.

'You Were Right' from Have You Fed the Fish? ("I remember I stayed up to watch the news with everyone")

'Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mind' from Born in the U.K. (I love the whole idea of this video. Just awesome).


cactuschris said...

Ben posting up more is your answer to everything. On another note, this posting was too full of links, not able to get to everything, meh.

Ben said...

I know, right?

"Hey Ben, what do you think we should do in Iraq?"

"I'd like to get the ball in the post more often"

(as for the other note: what can I say, deal with it)