Wednesday, February 21, 2007


So I'm driving home from work with the game on the radio figuring I'll listen to the end and then rewatch the tivo'd game when I get home. One problem: I forgot to tivo the game. Fantastic. I'll have my complete thoughts after I watch the replay on FSNOhio tomorrow afternoon.

But I do have a quick thought or two.

Here's the Cavs last 8 possessions:

3:29 - 80-83 - LeBron makes 9 foot shot (82-83)
2:49 - 82-85 - LeBron makes 9 foot shot (84-85)
2:18 - 84-85 - LeBron misses 19 foot shot (Drew Gooden rebound)
2:04 - 84-85 - Hughes misses 12 foot shot
1:25 - 84-85 - Hughes misses 9 foot shot (TJ Ford fails to save ball, Cavs keep possession)
Time Out Cleveland
1:10 - 84-85 - Hughes misses 13 foot runner
0:39 - 84-85 - LeBron James charging foul (turnover)
0:16 - 84-85 - Pavlovic misses 3 pointer
0:16 - 84-85 - Varejao scores off the rebound (86-85)

There's a lot to like about that sequence and there's a lot to dislike. First of all, notice how the Raptors' score stayed at 85 over the last 3 minutes. This is good.

But... over that same time the Cavs are stuck at 84. Not so good. The Cavs had 6 chances or possessions (I'm counting the offensive rebounds as separate possessions) where they could have taken the lead. They took five shots and had a turnover. Out of those five shots, James took just one and Larry Hughes had three. Now, I didn't see the early part of the game, maybe Hughes was shooting well (though somehow I doubt that, as he finished the game 6-18), but I do know that James had scored on consecutive possessions to keep the Toronto lead at one. I'm not sure why Hughes got the shots down the stretch.

So to recap: down the stretch the Cavs shot the ball 5 times and James just once. I don't get it.

Again, I missed the first 42 minutes of this game, so I'll have deeper thoughts tomorrow. Also, a reminder: I'll be in New York city for the weekend, so I won't have anything in depth tomorrow after the Chicago game.

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